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Reviews for Eileen's Hope

morgaine_dulac 2008.04.19 - 08:26AM 4: Offers, Opposition and Opportunities Signed
Very good work. Beautiful and sad at the same time. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you. It's hard to think that a helpless infant would grow up to have such a messed up life.

Wonga 2007.07.11 - 02:48AM 4: Offers, Opposition and Opportunities Signed
Not what I expected but in a very good way. I honestly love the way you described 'that scene' and put it into a different perspective rather then the usual, assumed spousal abuse scenario.

Author's Response: Sadly DH semi-shafted this possibility, but it could still work to an extent. Arguing doesn't mean one spouse is beating the other at least it doesn't always mean that.

Trickie Woo 2007.06.26 - 08:29PM 3: Revelation, Retribution and Renunciation Signed
I finally found this and got a chance to read it. I am a lapsed Episcopalian, but from what I remember from when I was a believer Transubstantiation and transfiguration as Eileen used it are similar enough for her to use it as a tool to explain her magic to him in a wat he could understand, accept, and reconcile with hisRoman Catholic beliefs. If he can believe that the bread and wine are they body and blood of Christ in every way except for appearance, I think he could accept and come to believe in Eileen's magic and in her goodness and that she held no evil within her. Since he's decided to stay with her, I think he's already following that path.

Wonga 2007.06.16 - 05:46AM 3: Revelation, Retribution and Renunciation Signed
Yays, an update! Have I told you lately that I love you?! Another excellent chapter.

Author's Response: This chapter never would have happened if you hadn't encouraged me to pick it back up. *hugs wonga*

sarabella76 2007.06.16 - 01:44AM 3: Revelation, Retribution and Renunciation Signed
Still wonderfully engrossing. I love the emotion and it just really grabs and holds my attention. I can't wait for the next chapter to see the context of the little scene Harry saw. Excellent work!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! The last chapter is up.

sarabella76 2007.06.16 - 01:24AM 2: Confessions, Questions and Quandaries Signed
Still very interesting and tender. There's hints of Tobias' temper but for now he doesn't seem so horrible. I'm interested to see how this unfolds.

Author's Response: The goal was to avoid the cliche of Abusive!Tobias. I'll wrap things up in the next chapter. Thanks for reviewing.

sarabella76 2007.06.15 - 11:44PM 1: Hope Signed
Aw, baby Snape! This was very sweet and tender. I'm anxious to see where it's going.: )

EdgeOfDark 2007.06.10 - 08:08PM 3: Revelation, Retribution and Renunciation Anonymous
Excellent work, LillyWhiteHeart. A fine, engrossing chapter! The emotion is strong, but not sappy, and quite realistic. I love the character resposnses, and the story flowed quite well. It made me feel a great deal of empathy for poor Eileen and Tobias. It's going to be a hard road ahead for our family. There were a few grammatical errors, but nothing that would take away from this masterful chapter. I am curious as to one thing: Warning: Religious content. Is there something evil and twisted about religion? I mean, why the warning? I've never seen that before. Maybe I'm just clueless. I'm what some people call religious, but I didn't see the need for a warning. Oh well. J.K.R's world has no place for religion, so it was interesting seeing the two come together here. Good work!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind compliments. The religious content warning is there because another site wouldn't post the fic for the simple fact I made the Snapes Catholic. Thankfully SH is much more open-minded. Since religion can be a sensitive subject, I use the warning.

SeaIsleWitch 2007.05.26 - 04:35PM 2: Confessions, Questions and Quandaries Signed
Oh, very nice indeed. I hate the thought that there was no love between Eileen and Tobias. There had to be something that made him irresistable, right? First baby... *sigh* - SIW

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it, SIW! I just didn't buy into the Abusive!Tobias cliche. Yeah, first baby...

SeaIsleWitch 2007.05.26 - 04:28PM 1: Hope Signed
This is a very realistic and beautiful description of motherhood. Nicely done. :) - SIW

Author's Response: I thought you'd like it. And now it's complete.

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