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Reviews for Behind Closed Doors

Subversa 2005.12.18 - 08:35AM 1: Behind Closed Doors Signed
"...of course you may take him home with you and cuddle with him. i know you want to..."

SQEEEEE ::snatches Snape by the scruff of his neck and Apparates with him::: Now, I will change the course of Harry Potter history by making Severus Snape a Happy Man!

Author's Response: *howls of laughter* you crack me up! only, you need to return him every once and a while. you know he needs his special diet ;) but besides that, do change the course of history -- but be careful. we still need the nuzzling of the nose!

Black Spot 2005.12.18 - 05:58AM 1: Behind Closed Doors Signed
Very good reasoning and well planned out.

Author's Response: thank you so much for leaving a review. it is only thanks to my stack of note-cards that i kept up with the timeline, because there is much more where this one-shot came from.

Subversa 2005.12.18 - 03:26AM 1: Behind Closed Doors Signed
"We'll find a solution for you, too."

These are the only words of hope in this sad, forlorn tale. It is an entirely plausible explanation of the events that followed. Well done, hunnybunch.

Author's Response: thanks, subersa! of course you may take him home with you and cuddle with him. i know you want to. hugs!

Lady Whitehart 2005.12.17 - 08:00PM 1: Behind Closed Doors Signed
A good reason for why Dumbledore would trust Snape. It's very possible that he was the one who alerted DD to the reality that there was a traitor wihtin the Order.

Author's Response: thank you for the review. i wrecked my brain for days on end as to why DD did trust snape till the end. i guess, i am way off though once the seventh book is out ;)

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