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Reviews for The Potions Master of Azkaban.

shameful_desire 2005.12.28 - 12:38PM 3: Blood From a Stone Signed
Argh!!!! More please!!!..UpdAte or I will seriously Die.

Author's Response: Thanks! More updates on the way. :-)

Monsterpixie 2005.12.20 - 12:32PM 3: Blood From a Stone Signed
Hi! I find your story very interesting - I didn’t read to much like this one before – meaning fanfics (so its quite unique for me at least :-). For that reason, I like the atmosphere you are building up, and am really curious, what you make of it. I would like for the story to remain this “patient”, tentative, and not showing too much or too quick (sort of mature, if you like) – but it is yours of course, and I enjoy interesting-plotcentered ones too... Keep up the nice work, you have got at least one humble reader (ME:-). Sorry for grammatics and such, English is not my most used language. Yours: MP

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, MP! I like fics that take their time too. This was a pleasant release from my main fic, which has a plot that drags you along with it at a breakneck pace. :-) Things speed up a little towards the end, but because we are dealing with such a condensed timeframe, it's not that quick.

Aiden 2005.12.19 - 03:30AM 3: Blood From a Stone Signed
Wow! This story gets more and more intriguing. Update soon, please.

Author's Response: Thanks, Aiden. Submitting soon.

Ravenwood 2005.12.18 - 07:30PM 3: Blood From a Stone Signed
interesting first person prison scenario. a little hard to believe although, but somewhat compelling none the less.

Author's Response: Well, as far as being believable in terms of what canon we have... This is never going to happen. It's as simple as that. So in that respect, yes, it is a little hard to believe. But it's fiction. So there. :-) Thanks for the review.

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