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Reviews for The Potions Master of Azkaban.

Trickie Woo 2006.02.18 - 03:32AM 2: A Time to Live Signed
I wish I had access to potions that had such an immediate effect. It seems that even while in Azkaban the old Snape can still be roused in him, but I believe she is just as strong willed and stubborn as he is. She won't accept failure in her dealings with him, she wants to make him healthy and fully alive again. But is that really the best thing for him. I'm also wondering about the wife who was mentioned in the last chapter, who is she?

Author's Response: Keep reading for more on his wife! And yes, this is a clash of the stubborn people. :-) Katherine sees him as a worthy cause, and she has nothing else to focus her mind on. I almost feel sorry for Severus. :-) Thank you for the review!

Aiden 2005.12.11 - 02:11AM 2: A Time to Live Signed
Another terrific chapter. Your Katherine is very well done. I take it that Snape was married at the time he killed Dumbledore--will we learn more about this?

Author's Response: This was a plot bunny that bit me and wouldn't let go. Originally it was to have no tie in with my other, larger chaptered fics, but I realised it would end up being tied, albeit loosely, just for plot purposes. Hence the presence of a wife. You will learn more about them in later chapters. And thank you for the review!

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