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Reviews for Where The Dark Lord Recruits

silburygirl 2008.05.15 - 07:47PM 1: Where The Dark Lord Recruits Signed
Heee... Hilarious. I thank you for the giggles.

LauranotLora 2007.11.27 - 07:44AM 1: Where The Dark Lord Recruits Signed
This is so funny! And the genetics aspect--gah! Marvelous!

Pookah 2007.10.07 - 05:21AM 1: Where The Dark Lord Recruits Signed
I found this via the random story offering, AND AM I EVER GLAD I DID! This is soooo funny. Thanks a lot for a delightful romp through a silly spot in your mind.

serena black 2006.03.14 - 07:58PM 1: Where The Dark Lord Recruits Signed
This is one of the funniest stories I have ever written...I actually laughed my ass off while reading...I would love to read more of your work....

Author's Response: I'm glad you found it funny and I hope you didn't suffer too much posterior damage. :-) I haven't written anything else for Occlumency I fear, but I have scribbled a few things on Lumos and Ash. Thank you for the wonderful review, Serena.

ladyshiva 2005.12.22 - 12:35PM 1: Where The Dark Lord Recruits Signed
Oh my GOD that had me rolling! I haven't enjoyed a ficlet that much in quite awhile. I'd actually love to see it evolve into a full fledged story someday. Also sadly, I couldn't get Google to link me to either the order of the Pheonix or the Death eaters =/

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Ladyshiva. I'm glad you enjoyed our little tale. And no, I haven't been able to get the same ad again either. My last attempt yielded an ad for 'Elvis Voldemort and the Dementorettes'. So now I have the image of Voldemort trying to subdue the world through bad karaoke. :-)

Black Spot 2005.12.13 - 02:17PM 1: Where The Dark Lord Recruits Signed
Just loved the idea - so original. Made me chuckle.

Author's Response: Well, the idea of mixing science and magic isn稚 too original, but I do like to think a green algae were-wolf is a bit unique. ;-> (I believe hubby was trying to make fun of my wolf obsession) Thanks for the review, Black Spot. I知 glad we made you chuckle!

playerlover88 2005.12.12 - 02:38PM 1: Where The Dark Lord Recruits Signed
I loved it! It was quite entertaining. Please write more quickly, your story had me cracking up. A devoted fan Emerald

Author's Response: Thanks for the enthusiastic review, Emerald! I知 glad you enjoyed it. While I don稚 know if we really could keep the humor up for a sequel, I知 thinking Susan could perhaps give poor Snape a few headaches. :->

Beebo_Pastroni 2005.12.11 - 07:18PM 1: Where The Dark Lord Recruits Signed
lol, I loved reading this. You should most definitely write up a sequel to it. I know I'd read it and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one.

Author's Response: Though I知 not sure if hubby and I could manage a sequel, I do have to admit that I知 curious as to what kind of trouble Sue could get into while at Hogwarts, and especially with Snape! *starts beating off the plot bunnies* Thank you for the review, Beebo_Pastroni.

Uxellundum 2005.12.09 - 08:39PM 1: Where The Dark Lord Recruits Signed
This is brilliant! Absolutely hilarious, entertaining, and with a good message too! You never know just where your fantasies might take you!

Author's Response: If only all our fantasies about Snape could come true ;-) Ah well, guess we would never get any work done then! Thanks for the review, Uxellundum. I知 glad you liked it.

squeeze 2005.12.09 - 11:45AM 1: Where The Dark Lord Recruits Signed
"When two worlds collide"... I love the idea that Voldemort is recruiting on the Net! I must Google and find that ad! I totally identify with Susan, in that between long boring slogs on the PC I go and read some smut-I mean eloquently erotic fan fiction. The line "silky tones of sin" is spot-on, that manエs voice is pure aural sex!

Author's Response: 善ure aural sex Oh I love that! Regardless of the other debates, his voice is definitely one to make you melt all over ;-> The Google ad left me in a giggle fit for hours afterward, but now when I try it, I just get ads for autographed photos of Ralph Fiennes. Ah well, guess I didn稚 act quickly enough. Thanks for the fun review, squeeze.

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