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Reviews for The Potions Master of Azkaban.

violetspike 2006.01.30 - 12:23PM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Signed
"...relief from his own grief." This final line of this chapter really touched me. I feel as though it sums up the whole of Severus Snape and I wonder how it would eat someone up inside to never have relief from grief. The story is wonderful, please continue.

Author's Response: Snape is a hard character to portray when you have to involve emotion. It always has to be understated. I can definately see him suffering from grief, and in Azkaban he has little to distract him from it. Thanks again for the review! :-)

gabrielsangel 2006.01.30 - 11:50AM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Signed
Great story and a very interesting chapter. I liked Narcissa's superior demeanour and how that changed as soon as Severus was mentioned. Perhaps she feels some guilt now about forcing the vow upon him. Anyway, I think the conversation with Remus Lupin will be up next on the schedule. So, let's see, what pieces of information everyone's favourite werewolf can add to the background of Severus's story. Keep up the good work !

Author's Response: Thanks, gabrielsangel. I've been fascinated by Narcissa ever since we met her in the books, and her actions in HBP just fuelled that fascination. It wil be interesting to see how she deals with the aftermath of what Snape has done under the vow she made him take.

Ilikesnape 2006.01.23 - 08:01AM 4: Discoveries. Signed
looking forward to the next chapter great read so far

Author's Response: Thanks! Next chapter on its way. :-)

Aiden 2006.01.15 - 12:11AM 4: Discoveries. Signed
Interesting chapter--are we to believe Snape's wife was teaching at Hogwarts during book 6? I love your OC and your Snape and the careful attention to character development.

Author's Response: Yes, Snape's wife was teaching at Hogwarts during 6. Although she didn't become his wife until they left school at the end of the year. This is dealt with in my completed fic, Harry Potter and the Daughter of Light. And thanks again for reviewing!

thevirginian 2006.01.12 - 03:33PM 1: Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make. Anonymous
A deeply touching story. I cannot wait to read more. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. More updates soon.

shameful_desire 2005.12.28 - 12:38PM 3: Blood From a Stone Signed
Argh!!!! More please!!!..UpdAte or I will seriously Die.

Author's Response: Thanks! More updates on the way. :-)

Monsterpixie 2005.12.20 - 12:32PM 3: Blood From a Stone Signed
Hi! I find your story very interesting - I didn’t read to much like this one before – meaning fanfics (so its quite unique for me at least :-). For that reason, I like the atmosphere you are building up, and am really curious, what you make of it. I would like for the story to remain this “patient”, tentative, and not showing too much or too quick (sort of mature, if you like) – but it is yours of course, and I enjoy interesting-plotcentered ones too... Keep up the nice work, you have got at least one humble reader (ME:-). Sorry for grammatics and such, English is not my most used language. Yours: MP

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, MP! I like fics that take their time too. This was a pleasant release from my main fic, which has a plot that drags you along with it at a breakneck pace. :-) Things speed up a little towards the end, but because we are dealing with such a condensed timeframe, it's not that quick.

Aiden 2005.12.19 - 03:30AM 3: Blood From a Stone Signed
Wow! This story gets more and more intriguing. Update soon, please.

Author's Response: Thanks, Aiden. Submitting soon.

Ravenwood 2005.12.18 - 07:30PM 3: Blood From a Stone Signed
interesting first person prison scenario. a little hard to believe although, but somewhat compelling none the less.

Author's Response: Well, as far as being believable in terms of what canon we have... This is never going to happen. It's as simple as that. So in that respect, yes, it is a little hard to believe. But it's fiction. So there. :-) Thanks for the review.

Aiden 2005.12.11 - 02:11AM 2: A Time to Live Signed
Another terrific chapter. Your Katherine is very well done. I take it that Snape was married at the time he killed Dumbledore--will we learn more about this?

Author's Response: This was a plot bunny that bit me and wouldn't let go. Originally it was to have no tie in with my other, larger chaptered fics, but I realised it would end up being tied, albeit loosely, just for plot purposes. Hence the presence of a wife. You will learn more about them in later chapters. And thank you for the review!

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