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Reviews for The Potions Master of Azkaban.

Aiden 2006.02.18 - 08:28AM 7: The Missing Wife. Anonymous
This story is terrific. I love the plot twists, and Katherine is one of the best OCs I have encountered in HP fanfiction.

Author's Response: Thanks, Aiden. I've grown rather fond of Katherine and she may well make other appearences after this story is done.

Trickie Woo 2006.02.18 - 03:32AM 2: A Time to Live Signed
I wish I had access to potions that had such an immediate effect. It seems that even while in Azkaban the old Snape can still be roused in him, but I believe she is just as strong willed and stubborn as he is. She won't accept failure in her dealings with him, she wants to make him healthy and fully alive again. But is that really the best thing for him. I'm also wondering about the wife who was mentioned in the last chapter, who is she?

Author's Response: Keep reading for more on his wife! And yes, this is a clash of the stubborn people. :-) Katherine sees him as a worthy cause, and she has nothing else to focus her mind on. I almost feel sorry for Severus. :-) Thank you for the review!

Trickie Woo 2006.02.18 - 03:13AM 1: Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make. Signed
This is a compelling beginning to your story, I'll have to read the rest and get caught up before you update again. I've been wondering if your title is purposely smilar to "The Bird Man of Alkatraz"? Except for the Dementors, I've always thought that Azkaban and Alkatraz had quite a bit in common.

Author's Response: Well I must confess that my good friend and fellow author Poultrygeist gave me the title. I am notoriously bad at them and we were chatting one day and I said give me a title for this fic I am thinking of writing and Potions Master was the first thing she came up with. I'll have to ask her if she was thinking of Alcatraz at the time. :-)

memory 2006.02.18 - 03:08AM 7: The Missing Wife. Anonymous
Ciao from Italy! As you see, I'm always here ready to know more. I liked this chapter, but now I'm anxiously looking forward to next. Can't wait to see what will happen, just love the idea of the secret meeting. "Of course, the fact that she is a Metamorphmagus would help matters considerably". You made things easier for her, didn't you? But I don't care, the poor ones (Snape and Maeve) deserve a chance in their lives. Again sorry for my English (you were so kind telling me it's OK, but I know is a gentle lie) and please keep writing!!!

Author's Response: Hee hee. It wasn't a lie...gentle of otherwise. :-) Well, you see, Maeve has actually given me some problems with this story. Because of the skills she has, that are all explained in the main stories, it is making life almost too easy for them. But I couldn't just ignore the fact that she is a Metamorphmagus or other things about her. This was meant to be a very short little story, and my editor laughs at me everytime she sends another chapter back) but it developed, and Maeve's part developed with it. And good to see you back. You must go and read the main fic Daughter of Light to understand the Maeve/Severus connection.

Lilyanka 2006.02.13 - 09:22PM 6: Piece by Piece. Signed
Wow, I read this story not too long ago and I must say, I like your character very much so far. I really hope we get to know more info about her as the story progresses. I found your characterization of Lupin was flawless (kudos to you!) and I like Snarky!Snape very much. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Well, Snape was snarky in the relative comfort of Hogwarts.. so he was always going to be super snarky Snape it Azkaban! LOL Glad you like Remus, more of him to come in my main fic, which will be hopefully appearing here soon. Thank you so much for the review!

shameful_desire 2006.02.13 - 01:38AM 6: Piece by Piece. Signed
Incredible!!! More please! You are currently my favourite. The news abt his wife was most shocking and I wonder how he will handle that piece of information, Update soon =)

Author's Response: *Blushes* Thank you! I'm submitting the next chapter today!

Aiden 2006.02.12 - 06:13PM 6: Piece by Piece. Signed
Wow. That is a shocking development. I was convinced that there was a romance developing here, but Snape's wife is alive! You've really got an intriguing story in the works here. Please update soon. (Also where can I find your earlier story about Snape and his wife?)

Author's Response: This was supposed to be a romance! It took a completely different twist than I had originally thought it would. The earlier story is being posted here, but it could take some time as there are 42 chapters. It's completed over on MNFF.

Black Spot 2006.02.12 - 01:53PM 6: Piece by Piece. Anonymous
That was unexpected. I will conintue to read with interest.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! New chapter soon. :-)

greenwood 2006.02.10 - 07:57PM 6: Piece by Piece. Anonymous
Wow, that is a bit of shocking news! It will be very interesting to see how this plays out because, I agree, if Snape hears his wife is in Azkaban it will rip him appart knowing she is close but too far to get near. A far worse torture than believing she is dead. If only they could be but in the same cell so he could care for her. How sad these turn of events are....

Author's Response: They are sad, and I hadn't originally intended bringing his wife into this at all but it struck me how tragic that actually would be; to have them so close and yet so far apart. Thanks again for the reviews!

rfoster123 2006.02.10 - 07:44PM 6: Piece by Piece. Signed
Wow! I can't wait to read more! Thank you for an amazing story.

Author's Response: You're welcome, and thank you for reviewing. :-)

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