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Reviews for The Tiger and the Tigress

sss 2007.08.25 - 07:51AM 1: The Tiger and the Tigress Signed
Brava! Severus' closing line is delicious. You've kept Mahaut and Severus in character and consistent with their other stories. Most chocolatey! Thanks!

Author's Response: thanks, the closing line was inspired by lietentnat worfs dscription of kilingon mating rituals in star trek! i think snape and work would get along quite well!

starshadow 2006.03.02 - 04:47PM 1: The Tiger and the Tigress Anonymous
Finally got round to reading it, and as usual, I wasn't disappointed! Hope there's more S&M (tee hee!) in the pipeline x x

Author's Response: not for a while, sequel to stolen child has me in its grip, perhaps you'll just have to make do with a bit of L+M? thanks for the review tho - and you never know what the future will bring!

Galla 2005.12.15 - 01:24AM 1: The Tiger and the Tigress Signed
I love it! I have missed the tales of Severus and his beloved Mahaut. Question though did Otto get temporarly transfigured into the tremendous tiger (say that five times fast) from a trick at the party or was he in makeup? But I hope to hear more tales of the Clestia/Snape clan.

Author's Response: l cant even type that once let alone five times or fast - l have the typing skills of an illiterate monkey! l think it was juts make up though, mahaut wouldn't be happy having him transfigured becuse if he wanted to be turned back she wouldn't be able to do it for him, and she would be embarassed to ask one of the other mums. severus probably made up some excuse about transfiguration being bad for small children to save mahauts feeling, i think. thanks for reviewing

Shorty McGee 2005.12.01 - 10:37AM 1: The Tiger and the Tigress Anonymous
Love it Zaffy. Am looking forward to a little more Keep Writing, Shorty McGee

Author's Response: l have a small idea that l may come back to in the new year, so keep your eyes peeled. thanks for reviewing

witchlight 2005.11.30 - 05:03PM 1: The Tiger and the Tigress Anonymous
I'm such a fan of your work and this story is truly a fantastic addition. You manage to get across so much in so few words that I stand in awe of the skill of it. And that last line is priceless. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: the last line was written first! the silliness appealed to me, but then siliness always does! l always think that l have a tendency to babble (the story i'm writing at the moment is rapidly approaching the 200000 word mark - eek!) so its sweet of you to think me concise thanks for reviewing

westdean 2005.11.29 - 05:56PM 1: The Tiger and the Tigress Signed
The best Snape kid ever! Uncle Merlin's Happy House! - loved it.

Author's Response: Octavius as a tiger just appealed to me, partly because of the footnote that i wrote for what happened to him after the end of the third vision. and i was trying to conjure up and image of the wizarding version of whacky warehouse - or the third level of hell, whatever! same thing isn't it? thakns for reveiwing!

June W 2005.11.29 - 04:32PM 1: The Tiger and the Tigress Anonymous
Heh-heh! I was thinking that Smith and Jones might have a very different view of girls now.... Had to smile at the pic of Uncle Merlin’s Happy House (and what Severus would've done there!), and the way she says Bellatrix's name without wincing or anything. Thank you for posting!!!

Author's Response: l think severus knows that he would hate uncle merlin;s happy house (mind you, i think i would too!) and thats one of the reason he's avoid it - to save the ministry and st mungos a great deal of cleaning up! boys have to learn proper fear of women, sorry l meant respect, as early as possible, l think! As for mahaut not wincing when she says bellatrix's name, l think she's smart enough to know that its s great weapon to use against severus, and would be completly unrepentant about doing so. thanks for reveiwing!

Snapespet30 2005.11.29 - 04:28PM 1: The Tiger and the Tigress Signed
*Grins* I like this very much zafania! Very well written as always. Keep up the great work. (Angie)

Author's Response: thanknyou, actaully working on something else at the moment. l might write some more hp stuff when i'm done, but i dont think i'll ever be able to really write severus with anyone other than mahaut now, she's too stuck in my head. thanks for reveiwing!

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