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Reviews for Darkness and Light 2: Personal Risks

crazymarie111 2007.12.10 - 09:32PM 7: Patience Signed
I notice it's been a while, but I've really enjoyed your writing. You write very believeable stories, and I hope you'll write more. I'd love it if you'd continue this story even though it's very AU now, but if you choose to go another direction I'll read anything you write.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind words! I don't have time to write any more fan fiction at present, as I'm currently neck-deep in revisions on my original fantasy novel, which will be published by HarperCollins in 2010 (or 2009 if I can get these revisions done quickly enough!). But after that, you never know...

morrigan 2006.05.13 - 09:49PM 7: Patience Signed
brilliant! beautifully written - which is SO unusual with fanfic. I really enjoyed this. Write more, please.

snappy 2005.12.23 - 07:27PM 7: Patience Signed
Great story. I read the trilogy in the wrong order (starting with Secrets & Lies), which is why I also was "sucked into" this story despite the fact that I normally avoid Snape/student fics. I'm glad I was, because I've enjoyed the story immensely.

Author's Response: Oh, great! I was wondering how the trilogy would read to somebody who started with "S&L", so it's good to know it still makes sense. :)

Potioncat 2005.12.21 - 01:26PM 7: Patience Signed
I generally avoid Snape/student ships, but I was sucked into this one, and you addressed all my usual reservations very well. This has been a joy to read. In this chapter I broke out in laughter at the line about sonnets and tangoes. What will you be writing next?

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm delighted to hear it. As for what I'll be writing next, I'm not sure... there may be more post-HBP Snapefic in the offing, if the plot bunnies cooperate.

belacane 2005.12.15 - 06:33PM 7: Patience Signed
I've been following this story for quite some time now, reading bits and pieces as they were published here. I finally read the entirety of it... and found myself blown away by the accuracy with which you portrayed the original characters of snape and dumbledor. I also very much enjoyed the idea of Snape having a lover without any of the silly romantic fluff. I liked how he stayed in character, and the idea that underneath he really is capable of tender love. Will there be a third part? I did have a chance to read a part three by you, which you seem to have discarted as now 'uncannon'. (I have to say I didn't like it so much... snape getting married and living happily ever after? that's a bit too fluffy for me). I was wondering if you were planning to continue with a new part three. If so I can't wait to read it!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review! I really appreciate your comments. There is a new part three already, as it happens: it's called "Secrets and Lies" and it's one of this month's featured fics right here on Occlumency. I hope you enjoy it!

Trickie Woo 2005.12.12 - 02:13AM 7: Patience Signed
I read this whole story last night and enjoyed it immensely. I felt very bad when poor Athena gave her life to contact Snape for Maud, she was such a major part of the story acting as Maud's eyes. The relationship is on precarious footing because of Snape's position as a spy, even with Moody's approval. I read "Secrets and Lies" before I read parts 1 & 2 of "Darkness and Light", now I am going to go to FFN to read your original Part Three, I really want to see if Muriel tries to go through with her threat and what happens to Maud and Snape. I'm not a stickler for canon, I'd much rather have a happy ending and I don't want to wait for Book 7 to get one. In my opinion Angst is only worth reading if you get a reward for wading through it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Since you're not fussed about it being canon-compliant, I think you'll enjoy "If We Survive". It anticipated some of the things that happened in HBP, although I didn't get the "OMG, it must be *Snape* who kills Dumbledore -- of course!" thing until two days before the book was released, so the death-of-Dumbledore scenario in the fic is somewhat different. But anyway, yes, we do get to see Muriel again and find out what her plans are for Maud. I'll look forward to hearing your comments when you've read it!

gabrielsangel 2005.12.11 - 05:58AM 7: Patience Signed
So,I see the second part of your wonderful story is over. You are writing is great as always. I highly suspect there will be some more issues with Muriel Groggins before this story is completed. I only hope you will not let Muriel and Severus suffer too much. Don't keep me waiting too long for the next part.

Author's Response: The original third part of the trilogy won't be archived here, as it was written before HBP and is not fully canon-compliant. I did guess at least one thing that would happen in HBP, but it happens differently in my fic than it did in canon... anyway, if you're interested, you can find it on FF.net as "Darkness & Light 3 AU: If We Survive". Or, if you prefer to stick to canonicity, you can find my revised (and much shorter) sequel "Secrets and Lies" here on Occlumency. Thanks so much for your reviews!

greenwood 2005.12.08 - 11:01PM 6: To Prevent That Murmur Anonymous
This story has been written with such skill and attention to character and plot that it has to be ranked as one of the all time best stories about Snape. I have read it on AFF a long time ago and was amazed back then. I am so glad to be reading it again. Beautiful, just beautifuL!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for re-reading! That's a lovely compliment!

CareCrystal 2005.12.07 - 12:34PM 5: Stand and Wait Signed
Maud's profession of love for Snape is one of the most beautifully-written and believable declarations I have ever read. This is a wonderful story---and a absolute delight to read!

Author's Response: Thank you very much indeed!

alis 2005.12.07 - 12:02PM 5: Stand and Wait Anonymous
i love the way in which you write romance, but without the fluff...... (although I'm not sure if I like dumbledore knowning about it).

Author's Response: Dumbledore actually took me by surprise as well -- when Snape said that line about the Headmaster, I literally jumped in my seat as I was writing it! Anyway, I hope the next chapter will put your concerns to rest. And thanks for the kind words!

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