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Reviews for Detention at Spinner's End

Sith Witch 2011.07.17 - 10:17PM 4: Chapter 4: Retribution for Wicked Ways Signed
Excellent story. Enjoyed reading the sex scenes. Poor Severus finally finds some pleasure and affection. Nice ending. Your Lucy character is interesting. Please expand on this short story.

hayden loy 2007.10.24 - 02:06AM 1: Chapter 1: The Indulgence of Spirits Signed
fabulous! i love how severus bashes wormtail at any opportunity he can get. snape is very in character here...love it!

Author's Response: Wormtail bashing is SOOOO much fun. I encourage it heartily! He is such disgusting vermin in so many ways. LOL! I'm encouraged that you found my little version of Snape much himself. I'd be horrified if I made him too mushy. Thanks again for review!

hayden loy 2007.10.24 - 02:04AM 2: Chapter 2: Of Wine and Wenches Signed
brilliant!!! hot, sexy and oftentimes downright amusing.

Author's Response: Forgive my extreme lateness at responding to your review. It's been awhile since I've been able to indulge in everything "Severus". I am so glad you liked my little detention fic and especially glad you found it sexy and humorous. Sex should be fun and our dear Professor deserves quantities of both!

KarenDetroit 2007.04.04 - 09:02PM 4: Chapter 4: Retribution for Wicked Ways Signed
Is that all there is? A complete tale, but far too short.

Author's Response: Oh, I just noticed your review. Sorry! I know it is short but I left it at a place that if I ever get free time again, I could write a sequel. My life is much more crazy-busy nowadays and it makes it darn near impossible to find time to write at the moment. I hope you enjoyed what I wrote. It was my third attempt at fan fic.

Trickie Woo 2006.07.08 - 01:30AM 3: Chapter 3: Seducers of the Senses Signed
I found I had not left a review for this chapter when I checked your reviews. I always try to write a review for each chapter when i read a story, but sometimes I find thateither i clicked the wrong button when I tried to post it or there has been a glitch on Occlumency's end that eats up my review. Anyway I enjoyed the eroticism, although I'm sure Snape enjoyed the girl on girl stuff more than I did. I was happy to see that Willow at least got her chance for pleasure before the night was over.

Author's Response: It was a challenge for me to write an erotic story. I really wanted to see if I was capable of putting such stuff on paper. It's one thing to read erotica, it's another to write it. I'm glad that I could pull it off and that you enjoyed the "naughtiness". As far as the "girl on girl" scene, I asked my hubby what was a typical "man fantasy" and this was one suggestion. Of course, the other was a "threesome". *rolling my eyes and laughing*

Trickie Woo 2006.07.08 - 01:23AM 4: Chapter 4: Retribution for Wicked Ways Signed
I was pretty sure it was Snape in disguise when the 'ladies' came downstairs and found the man in the chair. I imagine that's a good disguise, except for the students at Hogwarts, nobody Pays much attention to Filch. I can fully understand M. Morbida's aversion to his countenance, I'd want someone one more pleasing than Filch as company for coffee. I had forgotten about the children so I went back and read the first part of Chapter 1. You could have a very interesting story there, Lucy knows Snape is good and everyone seems to trust her intuition. Lucy, Thomas, and their family and even the Muggle children could have a profound effect on Snape's life. And he could have a profound effect on theirs, especially if he goes back to Hogwarts to teach after the war is won. My guess is that Lucy and her brother well get Hogwarts letters when they turn 11 and will end up as students there.

Author's Response: Even though Chapter 4 is the final chapter, this story could carry on. I thought about that as I finished it. It seems I may have left myself an opening for a continuation, if I choose. Hmmm! Well, first things first. I must finish my Potions Master's Buttons fic before I begin anything else. Thanks so much for all your input, Trickie Woo. I hope to hear from you again! - Deb

chancellorpain 2006.05.05 - 08:08PM 3: Chapter 3: Seducers of the Senses Signed
Devil's Snare and flaxen hair! The potion mistress has it write, again

Author's Response: Well, well, Mr. CRS, so sweet of you to leave a response. Your words of encouragement meant a lot and I will definitely consider them seriously. If I ever get some free time back in my life, I will start on that project. Then I can subject you to more of my mind's meanderings. Check out my other fics, when your hanging after hours. See you back on the J.J. main line. *smirk*

DaniDM 2006.04.14 - 08:33PM 3: Chapter 3: Seducers of the Senses Signed
OMG! Great chapter!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. :) Thanks for giving my little fic a read. Come on back when the next chapter gets posted.

Maria 2006.04.13 - 02:54AM 3: Chapter 3: Seducers of the Senses Signed
Whew! *fans self* I almost passed this up because I thought the story would involve Pettigrew being polyjuiced and that is just too gross for me, but with 5 stars I had to see what the fuss was about - and I'm glad I did! The dialogue during the 'detentions' is perfect - I'm mostly into SS/HG so this was terrific.

Author's Response: " Pettigrew being polyjuiced and that is just too gross for me" Eew! Eew! Eew! That is a gross thought! LOL! Well, PLEASE spread the word that that is NOT the case. I'm glad I created the right conditions to cause "fanning". :) Thankyou so much for letting me know how you enjoyed my smutty fic. Feel free to check out my other (not so smutty) stories as well.

Anouska Draconius 2006.04.12 - 11:10AM 3: Chapter 3: Seducers of the Senses Signed
Oh my! After everything that's happened to Severus, I think he deserves a little pleasure in his life. Looking forward to the next update.

Author's Response: Indeed he does. :) Hopefully, the evening's activities elevated his mood. ;) Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts. I appreciate it so much!

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