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Reviews for Celebrations

1loveyaoi2 2012.04.08 - 05:27PM 1: One Signed
I LOVE this story!!! Have told EVERYONE I know to read it. Brilliant.

morgaine_dulac 2008.08.11 - 01:29PM 1: One Signed
What else is there to say than: haha!! :-)

LovesRickman 2006.08.28 - 07:53PM 1: One Signed
Very Funny! Have you ever seen Dogma ? Alan Rickman plays the voice of God and there is a scene with him messing about with maracas. On the Dogma website there is a note that Alan simply would not put the maracas down when they were filming that segment.

Author's Response: I got the maracas idea from Dogma, one of my favorite films! Glad you liked this version of that idea!

LookFar 2006.05.08 - 10:32PM 1: One Signed
Oh, I'm happy to see this again. It's so funny. Not many things really *are* LOL, but this is.

Author's Response: Thank you. Nice to know other people enjoy my warped sense of humor!

Mimmom 2006.03.20 - 02:19AM 1: One Anonymous
Hee Hee, too cute. I love it.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. Amorette

whatev 2006.01.16 - 05:58PM 1: One Signed
awwwwww. that put a smile on my face.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad to know other people have as peculiar a sense of humor as me! Amorette

JennyRad 2005.11.27 - 04:11PM 1: One Anonymous
Superb. Absolutely superb. Quite, quite bonkers. I am genuinely LOLing.

Author's Response: Well, I'm quite, quite bonkers so it fits! Thanks! Amorette

Arachnae 2005.11.15 - 09:54PM 1: One Signed
Tee-hee I love it! What a cute ficlet!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! People with odd senses of humor think alike, I guess. Glad you enjoyed it. Amorette

Persephone Lupin 2005.11.14 - 11:00AM 1: One Signed
ROFLROFL, absolutely ingenious, loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks! I guess I am proud to be the only person willing to admit to imagining Snape in a sombrero. Amorette

GitonCrais 2005.11.11 - 04:24AM 1: One Signed
Great picture of Snape. Can just see him dance and be happy.

Author's Response: I wish I could draw so I could illustrate this! Yeah, 'bout time the poor guy had some fun. Amorette

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