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Reviews for Moonlit Memories

jamesandlily4ever 2005.12.22 - 08:47PM 3: Chapter 3 Anonymous
Wonderful chapter! Soooo Snape is going to get with Serena? Great...now the only thing I need is popcorn... :)

Author's Response: Well, it will not be easy for Snape and Serena to get together, but that is my plan. I wish I could get you some popcorn for being an excellent reviewer! Thanks!

Black Spot 2005.11.08 - 05:03PM 3: Chapter 3 Signed
Oh how I wish a blue Hermione would turn up in the films. The thought made me laugh.

Author's Response: That would be hilarious. Sadly, I think we will have to use our imagination! LOL! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

sheepy 2005.11.08 - 10:42AM 3: Chapter 3 Signed
turning blue?? This had me in stitches. I can not wait for the next chapters

Author's Response: Yeah, I had to laugh as well. A blue Hermione certainly is an image that sticks in my mind. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

Trickie Woo 2005.11.08 - 01:45AM 3: Chapter 3 Signed
That was a really stupid and dangerous thing Ron did. It could have seriously injured Hermione and could still be grounds for expulsion. He's lucky it was Dumblrdore who determined his punishment and not Snape. He should also have gotten a long term detention and reported to his parents. When Molly Weasley finds out what he did he'll wish he was back with Snape. Poor Severus, he has to have his evening spoiled by meeting Serena's train and escorting her to the castle, oh dear.

Author's Response: Yeah, it was really stupid of Ron. But I sort of picture him as a boy who has these great ideas and doesn't consider all the consequences until it is too late. I have so many kids like that in my classroom. They have an "act now, think later" philosophy of life. He is lucky that Dumbledore was the one doling out punishments. I think sometimes he is a little too lenient in some instances. And he certainly does not mind imposing on poor Severus. But he may not mind too much in the end! Thank you so much for all of your reviews. They are truly appreciated!

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