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Reviews for Lost Souls Found

LunaSnape 2005.11.07 - 08:28PM 26: Chapter 26: Order Business Signed
I love it when they bicker in the middle of a deadly war!! lol. Keep it comeing... chuck the visitors out it they do the slightest thing wrong... you could always say your just trying to have CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!

Author's Response: heh, well even in the middle of a deadly war, life goes on. Which includes the bickering. It is much fun! ;) Thank you for your review, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Midnightshadows 2005.11.06 - 10:20PM 26: Chapter 26: Order Business Signed
Lol lovely and so true. Men have no control over women in that aspect....it's even worse when they are as stubborn as Rowena. Anyway back to the pressing issue of Harry's report. Wow thats interesting. How on earth is Dumbledore going to help all the muggle and muggle born parents and wizards? its a hard task but someone has to do it I guess. Rowena will be in danger of corse but she was in the first place anyway as she helped with the wards and all, nothing new there. What is new however is that Severus is becoming surprisingly defencive all of a sudden because of that news. Hello Severus she was in the beginning and you've kept her safe so far why would she get into trouble now??? I guess it's cause she's his wife. Oh how sweet. Husband and wife bickering in the middle of an Order meeting. I wonder how Severus is going to get Rowena in a better mood when he goes down to their rooms and has to deal with her annoyed attitude? *naughty thoughts come to mind* no snap out of it! *caugh* right. Excellent keep them coming and I know what you mean about having limited computer time when you have company staying. If it's anything like my faimly everything I do is wrong or wierd so I just gave up trying to please them and now they are better. Oh well when the company has gone you can update more *Runs around in circles throwing confetti* Yay. ^^

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter, it was one of my favourite ones to write. I like exploring the interaction with Severus and Lupin, without necessarily having to write the 'Snupin' slash to do so, though I suppose I've done 'Snupin' in a way. ;) I also like to see Severus discombobulated and out of sorts, and the two Lupins manage that very well. I placed the next chapter in the queue today, so you shouldn't have much longer to wait. Thank you for your reviews!

EXECUTR 2005.11.06 - 12:17PM 26: Chapter 26: Order Business Signed
Good show! Please continue.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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