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Reviews for From the Journal of Severus Snape

Sir Severus Snape, HBP 2006.03.29 - 07:58PM 11: 11 - Respite Anonymous
Delightfully well written, Miss Damien. You've captured all the emotions I went through, every step of the way.

Author's Response: Nice to know I've captured the mood...

potionmistress60 2005.12.20 - 03:23PM 1: I've Always Been A Quidditch Fan Anonymous
Wonderful start! LOL! I love Olivia and her naughty antics. I love visualizing Snape trying to keep his composure while that mischievious witch plays with his wand.

Author's Response: Oh, yes...Snape trying so hard to control himself is my favorite way to write him! Thank you!

tripperfunster 2005.12.08 - 04:20PM 6: 6 - Spinner's End Signed
Okay, just quit your day job and write porn full time. sheesh!! I want to keep reading, 'cause it's hot, hot, hot, but I don't want to continue because we all know our poor Snapey can never be truly happy. : ( It almost makes me glad this is still a work in progress. (it is, right??) Thanks for the great story, Tripp

Author's Response: It is a work in progress, but after the last chapter I have posted here, it has to take a break until after book 7 is published. I fear I may have already strayed too far from what JKR plans to write.

tripperfunster 2005.12.07 - 03:06PM 2: 2 - In the Bookroom Signed
"It was almost possible to actually feel the creases of my brain smooth out." That may well be the best line I have ever read! Bwahahahaha!! Now, normally, I don't enjoy stories where Snape is having sex, unless it's with a man, but that was pretty damn hot! *fans self* I'm looking forward to the next chapters....

Author's Response: Thank you!

Trickie Woo 2005.11.30 - 03:32AM 11: 11 - Respite Signed
I will miss this story until you tske it up again after Book 7. The leprechaun has an unexplained importance, has Albus taken the form of a leprechaun until he comes back in his human form? At least Snape will be happy with Olivia while he is in exile from the Wizarding World. I hope JKR lets him survive Book 7 and he has that 'happily ever after' future with Olivia he is dreaming about, but I'm afraid that is not in the cards JKR is laying put for us.

Author's Response: I, too, am hoping that he survives book 7. And the leprechaun, of course, is a plot device designed to keep readers interested enough to come back to this story when I can add to it...

Trickie Woo 2005.11.28 - 02:19AM 10: 10 - Not All Dark Magic is Dark Signed
Was Albus or maybe Fawlks the source of the beacons of light? I love the idea of Voldecrap running away in fear, he didn''t even have the time to give out ant deatheater assignments. I hope he's right, that if ever he awoke to a trouble free and ideal world, the loss of her would evoke a need in him great enough to require her presence anyway.

Author's Response: One more chapter, which, I'm afraid, will not answer all so-far-unanswered questions! We'll just have to wait until book 7 comes out...

Snapespet30 2005.11.27 - 09:42PM 10: 10 - Not All Dark Magic is Dark Signed
Wicked Cool Jesse!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Trickie Woo 2005.11.21 - 03:50AM 9: 9 - What Hope Could There Be? Signed
Clophill, the priory, I see you managed to get a plug forChicksands in here. "Feeling her tangible presence, the tactile proof of her existence..." that seems to say she is real. What does she know about Albus to prove that he isn't dead? How will his rebirth take place? Will he be a portrait, a ghost, or alive and tangible? She loves him !!! By the way, really hot sex.

Author's Response: As for Chicksands...you write what you know! And yes, she's real, but even ghosts are real as far as the HP universe goes...therefore, it's still not certain if she's a witch, ghost, angel, or what. And the sex? I have to keep reminding myself that this story started out being porn without plot. My muse took over and there has developed a sort of plot...it couldn't be helped!

Trickie Woo 2005.11.18 - 01:22AM 8: 8 - What Have I Done? Signed
I find his statement that "I don't know how many must be taken care of before Potter, or someone, will have to face the Dark Lord for the final phase." to be very intriguing and even seductive. It is possible that Severus will be the one to face Voldemort and kill him? Is that possiblity in Rowling's mind, I wonder? Personally I find that premise very appealing and redemptive for him. It would be the thing that would bring about his atonement in his own eyes. I still don't know who or what she is, but I was right about her bieng there to provide the means that kept him going and able to keep his vow and his promise to Dumbledore. I do think she was brought to Hogwarts as part of Dumbledore's plan for Severus. Now he feels able to go on because of her and the fact that he now knows he loves her. I know they will find some way to advise and mentor Harry as Dumbledore did. Since the first time I read HBP I have felt that Dumbledore was suffering and would have died with great suffering within hours. I've felt that Snape's Avada Kedavra was one of mercy no matter how Sverus felt about it. One more thing, I did know that some men can do that more than once in a single session, I'm married to one.

Author's Response: I sometimes worry that one of us fanfic writers will inadvertently hit on JKR's plans for book #7, and I'd really hate to see that happen. But, in making sure to avoid it, I think I'd stray too far from what anyone could believe. Besides, I can't stop writing. As far as men go in having multiples, I realize it's not all that rare and unknown, but Snape doesn't have a lot of experience with women, so it was reasonable to assume this was a first for him. Just one more way that Olivia had overwhelmed his senses!

Trickie Woo 2005.11.16 - 06:22PM 7: 7 - Miasma of Doom Signed
She may not know any more than Snape does, but she is prescient to some extent and can sense things he can't. I enjoyed the encounter when she was under the desk in his class room, it reminds me of the movie "Police Academy" and to what I believe was the source of that particular incident in the movie, a cartoon from "Playboy" about 40 years ago. She has to be a spirit or some kind of magical creature that is not just human, or maybe not even human at all and can just take human form; how else could she get in and out of these encounters without being seen by Snape or someone else at Hogwarts. At least she gives him pleasure. I'm still thinking she could be doing it at Dumbledore's instigation to make Snape's life more worth living so that he will go on and fulfill his promise to keep his unbreakable vow and have a reason to stay alive to see Volemort defeated and maybe to survive it all with the promise of a future with Olivia.

Author's Response: I think, judging by the responses I've been getting, both here and in my fansite group, that I've done fairly well in how I'm timing things throughout these chapters. I didn't want to give anything away too quickly, as it's all through Snape's POV, and all these questions and theories are what he's thinking right now. I think it's working! Thank you!

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