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Reviews for Faint Hope

atheneblue 2009.02.12 - 10:58PM 1: Faint Hope Signed
Fantastic prose! I love "he would give all the blood in his heart"...Lovely!

Gebbi 2008.08.17 - 08:06PM 1: Faint Hope Signed
This is just lovely! I came here from whitehound's rec site, BTW. Sorry I'm not a talented reviewer, but thanks for sharing.

LogicalQuirk 2007.06.11 - 03:49PM 1: Faint Hope Signed
So bittersweet! I also liked the jumping through the years a lot; it made the transition from casual sex to an actual relationship (or wherever the story goes after you leave it!) very believable. And a very nice characterisation of Snape :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! (And sorry for taking so long to reply.) I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

Skiving Snackboxes 2006.05.13 - 12:04PM 1: Faint Hope Signed

Author's Response: :D Thank you!

memory 2006.05.03 - 01:30PM 1: Faint Hope Signed
Treasure-hunt review n. 7: The story is interesting and very well written. Anyway, I don’t feel it is “in your strings”, as we say in Italy (sorry, I don’t know the English for this expression). To explain it better: I believe your descriptive force is mostly in the “bright side” of the scripting. Your prose is very good, but the general result is different from the other stories. I liked the last part very much anyway.

Author's Response:

Hi Memory,

Thanks for your very kind review. I've had other people say that this story doesn't suit their tastes; I like it a lot, but I realise that it isn't going to be the sort of thing everyone likes. Thanks for taking the time to review it anyway, as well as for your helpful comments. I do appreciate that very much. :)

mewmewmew 2006.03.13 - 02:18PM 1: Faint Hope Signed
Very beautiful, I don't usually read slash but this was a really great story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed it! :D

soap 2006.01.28 - 09:44AM 1: Faint Hope Signed
oh man, I think I love you.

Author's Response: *grins* I hope that means you liked the story! Thanks for the review; it really did make me smile when I read it. :D

Novinha 2005.11.09 - 05:32PM 1: Faint Hope Signed
Sniff, sniff. You made me cry, Mouse!

Dear, I adore each and every story you write - and this one was, again, just perfect. Terrific, shattering, heart-wrenching, painfully realistic. Especially the portrayal of Snape - I love his uncertainty, his pain and how he remains a hurt teenager inside, even in his late thirties.

Greetings from Poland,

Author's Response: Hi Novinha! As always, I'm delighted to hear from you, because you always say such nice things. I'm glad you liked the story! I'm a sucker for hurting!Snape (and for Snupin), so it was only a matter of time before I succumbed to the temptation to write something absurdly angsty like this. *grins*

elvia morwen 2005.11.08 - 10:58PM 1: Faint Hope Signed
Holy guacamole that was really good

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm happy that you enjoyed it. :D

132possum 2005.11.05 - 07:43AM 1: Faint Hope Signed
Lily flirting with Slughorn, and there was I thinking that Slughorn was a closet gay! I do like your stuff, especially the Seer, can you put it up on Fanfiction.net so I can make you a favourite author?

Author's Response: Thanks very much; I'm honoured to hear you like my work!

*grin* I thought Slughorn really gave the impression of having had a bit of a crush on Lily in HBP; he always had perfectly glowing things to say about her. It struck me as suspicious, so I added the flirting.

Fanfiction.net intimidates me; it's so huge! I have an account there (white_mouse), but I haven't posted anything.

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