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Reviews for The Great Snape-Deveroux Grudge Match - Part III: Farewell

woodstock 2006.07.12 - 08:25PM 16: 51b. The Ends Justify Anonymous
excellent. i love the plot and the character development. there's alot of emotion in the whole story and you've managed to make the reader feel what the characters are going through... please don't stop, it would be a shame to let this story go untold keep it up!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! We are trying to wrap up the next chapter as we speak (type?)

NoxSomnium 2006.06.18 - 09:30PM 16: 51b. The Ends Justify Signed
I know you've said you'll continue, so I'm holding you to that. If you don't, I might explode then my mother would make you come and clean me up, so there. Besides you have to tell us why Cobb and Snape loathed eachother.

Author's Response: Well, sure wouldn't want that! Actually, my co-author and I were talking about the next chapter, and *crosses fingers* I think it's nearly ready to be sent to our lovely beta.

seachange 2006.06.13 - 11:33PM 16: 51b. The Ends Justify Signed
I see where you mentioned in the answer to a review recently that you are still planning to continue this story. I just want you to know that there are still readers out there who remember this story well and would love to see it continued!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review and your patience. Now that classes have ended for the summer, my coauthor and I hope to get back into this.

Wiccan 2006.06.02 - 02:20AM 16: 51b. The Ends Justify Signed
Well, dang...I saw the three part story and settled myself in for an nice long read. And, yes, the story was well written, interesting and captivating. At the last moment, however, I see that it was abandoned...Am I allowed to say 'crap' here? How about 'pooh'? I see that you have not even responded to reviews for quite a while. If the 6th book messed up some of the plot...ignore it! I would be delighted to follow this story as a total AU and enjoy it! I feel like a dangling participle or coitus interuptus here. This is far too enjoyable to just s t o p. Please continue.

Author's Response: Awww...well, rest assured, we have not abandoned it. It was hard to continue after HBP, and me going back to school full-time (as well as working full time) didn't help. But my co-author and I were just talking over upcoming chapters just last night. So hang in there!

alienriceball 2006.05.16 - 06:59PM 16: 51b. The Ends Justify Signed
AAAAAAAaaaaaaaa, looks like I came late to the party and it's been a while since this has been updated. This is an amazing story with ALL the characters so beautifully intertwining, JKR herself could not have done better. In fact, her last book was a HUGE disappointment to me as I was expecting something more along this stoy-line rather than Ron's snogging activities. I look forward to the Dark Cauldrin board game as well as Aurella's finding Snape's whereabouts. Looking forward to seeing how she rescues Snape with Harry's help. PLEASE put your real life on hold and update this story.... :)

LESIA 2006.03.24 - 01:05AM 16: 51b. The Ends Justify Signed
I see that Harry and the rest got away with what they did, Hogwarts is the worst possible place for Slytherins.

Mahgem 2006.02.27 - 01:29PM 16: 51b. The Ends Justify Signed
I just re-read the whole thing (but this time at a more comfortable pace) and apreciated it even more. Hope you have more coming! Cheers

Author's Response: There will be -- eventually. We have not abandoned the story, just have been busy in our lives. Thanks for reading!

lesiaf 2006.02.24 - 07:50PM 16: 51b. The Ends Justify Signed
Yes, he's going to miss him while he's gone maybe he should have punished the Trio, but no can't do that, I always hated Dumbledore, kept sending Snape back to Voldermort and never stopping Harry snd his side kicks from running wild like the Maurauders and we all know how that turned out.

Author's Response: Ironically, our story seems to have more or less what happens in canon. I thought maybe we had made Dumbledore too fallible. HBP erased that!

Mahgem 2005.12.14 - 02:09PM 16: 51b. The Ends Justify Signed
OMG!!! I'm probably gonna fail all my finals, but I made it.. finished the whole thing (Parts I, II and III) in 3 days. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: *stares* Wow, you read this in three days! I'm impressed and humbled! Best of luck on your finals (I just wrapped up mine, so I can sympathise!) We hope to have an update soon!

Nadzieja 2005.12.03 - 01:27AM 16: 51b. The Ends Justify Signed
Brilliant as always.. Looking forward to more..

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you are enjoying this :)

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