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Reviews for Amoris Infinitas

Grainne 2007.07.10 - 11:34AM 13: Epilogue Signed
A ripping good tale, with one of the most original (and yet completely consistent with all of Dumbledore's canon hints) scenarios on how Harry defeats Voldemort. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Grainne 2007.07.10 - 10:36AM 6: Apologies and Drops of Blood Signed
Aha--so that is what that little gleam in Dumbledore's eye was all about! Very clever. I like this no-nonsense, no-time-for-a-chat Snape as well; it really gives the story a sense of urgency.

Cat20 2007.04.18 - 06:53PM 10: The Last Duel Anonymous
I do love the story so much?

MimiManderly 2006.07.07 - 09:42PM 13: Epilogue Anonymous
This story was spot-on exactly what I think will happen in the final book, except for one thing: I fear that Snape will die in canon. I hope not, because he's given up so much to fight Voldemort. I'd like to picture him taking that well-deserved vacation to Aruba. (Use plenty of sunscreen, Severus!)

alexis 2006.03.21 - 11:50PM 1: A Murderer Always Returns Anonymous
This was bloody brilliant. Perfect. I love you.

Author's Response: Thank you!!!

whatev 2006.02.17 - 08:04PM 13: Epilogue Signed
awwww, excellent story. almost heartwarming. Snape was perfect and i think this would be a great way for the real books to end.

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you enjoyed the story! I hope that Rowling will write something along that line, I would hate it if she made Snape a real traitor to Dumbledore and the Order.

revolsepans 2006.01.19 - 06:59AM 2: The Fall of the Prince Signed
Great beginning! very exciting! I'm looking forward to reading the rest--right now!

Author's Response: Hope you liked the other chapters, too! I'm especially proud of the epilogue. What do you think of it?

LetumVoro 2006.01.19 - 12:13AM 13: Epilogue Signed
Really excellent! The action was great, and the plot was well thought out and extremely plausible. I'm glad Severus survived. The use of the modified Amortentia potion was a nice touch. Great read. Thanks for writing, and keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Black Spot 2006.01.12 - 04:42PM 13: Epilogue Signed
Thank you for finishing this story. Snape was brilliant throughout.

Author's Response: You're welcome! Thank you so much for R&R!!!

pcb 2006.01.11 - 11:54PM 13: Epilogue Signed
Great story. Until JKR publishes the last book, I'm going to hold firmly to the belief that Snape is a good guy deep down. I loved your explanation for everything in HBP. Thanks for writing such an entertaining story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I totally agree with you about Snape, and if Rowling doesn't, it's her problem, LOL. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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