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Reviews for The Order of the Hen

Cuthalion 2008.06.12 - 02:44PM 1: One Shot Signed
Now, this is charming. I like their banter, and the strong, positive chemistry between them.... and I adore the last line! Cúthalion

God_is_a_girl 2006.01.15 - 04:53AM 1: One Shot Signed
Yey! a story with Hooch! my favourite, thank you. I like this alot, you write alot like one of my firends. lauren. and it is a great style. You have captured the atmosphere quite successfully, just the right amount of history and curent context, i like. I'd like to see it extended into a longer fic and I'm unsure about his age when he has already turned in so many death-eaters, but apart from that it is fab!

amsev 2005.11.30 - 12:46AM 1: One Shot Signed
AprilGrey -- I am SOOOO delighted that you're writing in this 'ship as well!!! More please! I read your other story, both stories are so well done!

Silverthreads 2005.11.04 - 12:37AM 1: One Shot Anonymous
I enjoyed reading this a great deal. It's rather poignent in its own quiet way.

Verity Brown 2005.10.25 - 12:39PM 1: One Shot Signed
Obviously written before certain canon facts were known (like Severus' b-day), but still very intriguing. A nice companion piece to the other. There were some great lines in here: "Welcome to the fishbowl, Severus." And re:Aurors--"They are all hopeless nutters." :~) And the last line is so poignant.

Author's Response: Thanks for the head's up. Faulty memory actually. I remembered him being a Capricorn so wrote December. It's been changed to January now. And thank you for the kind words.

Lady Whitehart 2005.10.23 - 11:37PM 1: One Shot Signed
I love Snape and Hooch friendship pairings. This one was so very nice. Nice to know that it was possible that at least one other staff member may have liked him. "I do rather want to forget that image, Gods, Sprout and Filch." Sprout and Filch? EEWWWW, Gross! BTW are you Stellar Hawks friend?

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words. Sorry, but I don't know Stellar Hawk.

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