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Reviews for Terms of Payment

Maria 2005.10.28 - 11:55PM 1: Terms of Payment Signed
*Picks jaw up off the floor* - OMG - this is fantastic, very original. So do we get a sequel where she agrees? Please?

Author's Response: I'm afraid not. I deliberately wrote it to be open ended, leaving the girl's answer up to the reader's imagination. Glad you liked it.

donnalp68 2005.10.24 - 04:06PM 1: Terms of Payment Signed
You know what? I really liked this a lot. It was unique - I have never read a fan fiction presented this way. Well done! I'd love to read morew fan fics presented in this way with the reader only hearing one side of the conversation and the other person's words being implied. I had no idea who the girl was he was addressing but I had such a clear picture of the scene. Really excellent work!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked it. The one sided conversation style does seem to be a rare one in short stories. I have seen standup comedians use it to fine effect, notably Bob Newhart, who did one sided telephone conversations. Thanks for reviewing.

June W 2005.10.23 - 01:49AM 1: Terms of Payment Signed
He should've specified that he would provide the contraceptive and any healing potions, and that it would always remain confidential (no photos!); also he should clarify whether he would provide instruction if she doesn't know what to do, especially since she is a virgin. I don't know what Penny Clearwater would've chosen, but surely Severus would be FAR superior to Percy Weasley!! No tough choice there. Thanks for posting!

Author's Response: You're point about contraception is well taken. I've edited the story to add that. I think the confidentiality is a given. I don't see Snape going about bragging that he's shagged a student. With the implied questions from Penelope, I think Snape would be expecting to possibly need to explain things as they come up even without stating it explicitly. Thanks for taking the time to review. It's much appreciated.

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