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Reviews for Lost Souls Found

snapehp 2005.10.26 - 03:15AM 24: Chapter 24: Consequences and Reactions Signed
Severus forgot to punish Harry?! This is serious, I hope Katrina will be alright! I like the way you ended the chapter, builds the anticipation!

Author's Response: I'm very glad you enjoyed it. One of my betas told me in no uncertain terms that I was 'evil' to leave such a cliff-hanger. The next chapter is in the queue, so hopefully you won't have long to wait! The admins here are very, very busy right now, so please be patient and I promise to keep the chapters coming. You won't be abandoned. :)

jhjhjh 2005.10.25 - 03:30PM 24: Chapter 24: Consequences and Reactions Signed
woooooooooo! This story is fab! I found the other day and have been reading for two days straight, i can't wait til you post the next chapter! Please do soon! lol :P:P

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm very glad you are enjoying the story. The next chapter is in the queue and will be posted when it passes the validation process. :)

Midnightshadows 2005.10.23 - 06:11AM 24: Chapter 24: Consequences and Reactions Signed
Fantastic story once again. I like the contraception idea. It's possibly a lot eaiser to do that then having to take a, most likely foul tasting, potion. Left Handed huh. Well, well, well you should've noticed that before Severus...then again you were noticing someting else entirally I guess ~^. Love the comment of Hermione giving Severus a look of 'I'm happy for you both' I can really picture her doing that. Shock Horror Harry Potter is turning into the bat Severus...well surprise surprise Rowena why else do you think that Harry has changed his personallity? Well now Harry has to be either insane or brillent....it's remarkable how often those two paths cross. Him going into Voldemorts head like that was risky but it served well in the end and it seems as if that little talent will draw him and the potions master closer together....which of course works well for everyone. I hope that Severus' and Rowena's happines won't be agrivated by what ever the 'boy who lived' saw or heard or....whatever. Keep them coming....P.S I hope you feel guilty..I'm eating chocolate waiting for the next chapter :P

Author's Response: *sends more virtual chocolate* Thank you for taking the time to review! It means a geat deal to me. I'm glad you like the contraceptive idea. One of my own personal pet-peeves in fandom is all the 'surprise' pregnancies amongst adults when they have magic. heh. I'm so glad you are enjoying the story.

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