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Reviews for The Great Snape-Deveroux Grudge Match - Part III: Farewell

NoxSomnium 2006.06.18 - 07:58PM 14: 50b. Reminiscing Signed
But...but...but WHAT WERE THEY GOING TO TELL HER? She knew about the magical world and that Remus's a werewolf so what were they going to tell her that was so important? Your writing has improved quite a bit since the first installment, but then one has to build these things. And why would Luk have left important things like that in the shrieking shack of all places?

Author's Response: Thanks -- I agree, Part III is better than part I, all in all. Not sure what you mean about the Shrieking Shack (may have to reread, heh). And as to what they had to tell her...eep! Well, you'll find out before the end.

greenwood 2005.10.25 - 03:54PM 14: 50b. Reminiscing Anonymous
Wonderful! Now we are getting somewhere (she rubs her hands together in glee)!! I am glad that she finally had the chance to grieve for Luk - it was just too much having both sorrows sitting on her heart. Great chapter and I am so thankfull that that you have picked it up again! I do so look forward to more!

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