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Reviews for The Witch's Hair Shirt

halloweenbaby 2008.01.16 - 04:31PM 14: Fourteen Signed
This is a lovely story, and too bad it seems abandoned. Last reviews from 2005, and here it is 2008. I hope you return to finish it.

Author's Response: Mmmmm....thank you so very, very much for this review - but thank you MORE for taking the time to read this now ancient fic and leaving me such a wonderful comment - it's appreciated more than you can know. Yes...I have moved on from the place I occupied when I wrote this. However, I see now I never marked it as Finis when indeed, it is. You see, it ends on Harry's birthday - the birthday that begins the actual series of books. Because...heh, back then, I didn't want the piece to veer too wildly into AU - who knew what seven books later would bring us. This piece is AU and yet, I stand by my psychological interpretation of Snape. Perhaps the Icelandic witch could be seen as...an older, more experienced Lily... Be well!

MithLuin 2007.08.31 - 11:41AM 11: Eleven Signed
Hehe, I was going to review an earlier chapter and complain that she shouldn't have stopped wearing her veil just because she was teaching. So, I see that she has not, but for some reason, it is invisible to Severus. Very intriguing. It's too bad this story was never finished - it is well-conceived, and hints at much more than it tells.

Tethered Serpent 2005.05.23 - 01:50AM 14: Fourteen Signed
The imagery is so dense in these short chapters that reading one is like stepping into a shadowed cathedral full of brilliantly-lit stained glass: I am so overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the colours that endless moments pass before the light resolves into a meaningful image. I read this chapter four times over and found more each time. I'm so glad you updated.

Tethered Serpent 2005.05.23 - 12:06AM 9: Nine Signed
I love the poetry of your writing. **All this,” he hesitated, “passion drowned within a frozen sea.”** Gorgeous.

Silverthreads 2005.04.18 - 09:39AM 14: Fourteen Signed
What absolutely amazing imagry. I've rarely read anything so breathtakingly stunning.

Author's Response: Such incredible comments. I am thrilled that my words make you feel this way. Thank you.

LariLee 2005.04.16 - 12:58AM 14: Fourteen Signed
I hope this allows him some forgiveness for himself.

Author's Response: One chapter remaining and we will see, we will see. He is a very bitter character, isn't he? Sometimes when others forgive us we still can't forgive ourselves and vice versa...

Silverthreads 2005.04.15 - 11:56PM 14: Fourteen Signed
Much too short! I am looking forward to the continuation of this story.

Author's Response: Heh - I have made peace with the fact that I write thousand word chapters - thank you for reading and commenting. I think we are almost to the end of the tale now....

mouse 2005.04.15 - 07:35PM 14: Fourteen Signed
Oh, hurrah! I am so glad to see another addition to this story! Yay! Yay! Yay! And as always, it is lovely! (And I'm so glad to hear that you're aiming to finish the tale this summer! *grins* I do look forward to reading it all.)

Author's Response: Yay back atcha! Thanks so much for reading! One chapter to go...

mouse 2005.01.24 - 10:09PM 13: Thirteen Signed
This is whole story is one of the most amazing things I've ever read. The imagery is incredible and you keep making me think about Severus in ways I never have before, and consider new explanations for for what's going on inside his head. You're making him into your own character, and it's a beautiful process to behold. I'm on the edge of my seat to know what happens next. I also wish I had a book of your writing, because it's been so lovely to read this small sampling of it. You have amazing talent.

Author's Response: I am so seriously humbled by your incredible comments. Thank you. I'm thrilled that you're enjoying the fic and finding that it's making you think of Severus in new ways - it does the same for me as I write it. I'm hoping to finish it before the new HP book is released as this fic really is my own exploration into the who/why/what of Snape and I know much of that is going to change with new information regarding the character. I, also, wish I had a book of my writing - hee!

greenwood 2005.01.04 - 06:22PM 13: Thirteen Signed
WOW! What imagery! That last paragraph was unbelieveable in its out pouring of emotion and visual symbolism. Very well done!

Author's Response: *humbled* Thank you! I'm glad you "saw" it as clearly as I did.

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