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Reviews for Lost Souls Found

Tia Calenture 2006.03.26 - 07:29PM 21: Chapter 21: Baby Steps Towards Healing Signed
Soo excellant.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm glad you are enjoying the story.

revolsepans 2005.12.04 - 06:34PM 21: Chapter 21: Baby Steps Towards Healing Signed
Severus is a virgin.......I have a hard time with it. However, he does seem to be a "natural"--intuitive, quick on the uptake, does his homework. I do like the deliciously slow progression towards consummation. Makes my heart ache with longing for something similar. Great chapter. Oh yeah, "Luke" ha, ha, gotta love Dylan for that.

Author's Response: *hehehe* Of all the comments I have received regularly, the ones about Severus being a virgin always amuse me the most. In fandom, of course, he is usually portrayed as some very talented and suave and experienced Don-Juan type. Me, I have a hard time with that. Nothing I have read in canon about our beloved Potions Master suggests to me that he would willingly 'trust' another person enough to be intimate with them in any way, even just physically. He goes to great lengths to conceal his body and to keep everyone at arm's distance, literally and figuratively. This is the one point where the Severus in my head has never wavered in the least. That he is intensely focused and passionate in everything he does, I have no doubt--but that he would fight tooth and nail to prevent *getting* to that point with anyone, I also have no doubt. Just my own personal 'take' on his character, of course--and I would rather believe him more 'talented' and 'experienced' than that, too. However, I just don't think it fits in his canon personality. Fanon personality, yes, canon, no, at least as I see the Snape in my head. ;) It's one of those 'agree to disagree' points I've had to reach with those folks who dislike that particular 'road bump' in my story. ;) I do think his intensity and attention to detail would make him a 'natural', and I think he is a very intuitive person even without the use of Legilimency, as we see his innate talent with Potions which seems to come from intuition rather than hard, cold 'book-facts' learning. I think he's a very tormented soul, but a very passionate one. I'm glad you like the story over-all, in spite of this point of disagreement. ;)

Midnightshadows 2005.10.12 - 04:43AM 21: Chapter 21: Baby Steps Towards Healing Signed
Oh why does "luke" have to spoil everything? Although It was a good deal if Severus can keep both Kartina and Rowena out of harms way and not look to eager for them not to be hurt. Love the comment of the hair issue. I have that issue, is nots something wiked if I leave it out...but then again paople love the curls when it's loose so I know where Rowena is coming from. Then again I love the way Severus demanded that it was kept loose, being non-harsh. I mi\ust agree that It flows nicely on here compaired to the other site I have read it. I didn't read more then this chapter however I still want surprises along the reading way. I think you've Kept Severus in cannon for a lot of this fick only one or two comments alone the way have I though to be non-snape like but it doean't distrupt the flow of the story. Personally I don't see how Severus can "switch off". Although I know he is in the same position as Rowena at that point, but he is just wearing a make of no emotion. I would be on fire....Hang on I AM on fire. Maybe I'll take a cold bath and wait for the next Chapter ^^

Author's Response: heh, yes, 'Luke' must step in and spoil the brew. I laugh to myself everytime I imagine the expression on his face as he tries not to look revolted at the nickname. I'm glad you find the changes an improvement--I know I do. Severus is very demanding, we wouldn't like him any other way. ;) Next chapter is in the queue. The poor site admins here have been burried under loads of work, so please be patient--they are wonderful and lovely and help keep the story quality high by catching errors and such. Next chapter will be up soon. Thanks for the review!

snapehp 2005.10.10 - 06:33PM 21: Chapter 21: Baby Steps Towards Healing Signed
Great chapter! Times like these remind me of how helpful Harry's snooping can be for people. I hope he mentions to someone about the potion. I don't want Severus to die from losing so much blood! Great story and I am, as always, looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Ah, yes... Harry's snooping does serve a purpose, does it not? *snicker* I'm afraid we haven't seen the last of that--thank goodness. I'm very glad you're enjoying the story. Next chapter is in the queue. Thank you for taking time to comment.

LunaSnape 2005.10.08 - 05:55PM 21: Chapter 21: Baby Steps Towards Healing Signed
Awaaa. thats was so sweet! I can wait for the next chapter. *smiles*

Author's Response: Thank you! Even Snape has to have the rare 'moment' of 'sweetness'--even if none of it is really his doing. ;) The poor man gets few enough peaceful moments in his life as it is. Next chapter is in the queue. I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

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