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Reviews for Erogenous

noctu 2006.03.27 - 02:26AM 1: Erogenous Signed
Most excellent! Delicious!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Malice 2006.02.21 - 01:23AM 1: Erogenous Signed
ROFLMAO! Awsome. Wish I'd been there. ;)

Author's Response: I still feel guilty for making it all a dream...poor Severus deserved so much more!

Atropos4 2006.02.04 - 10:31PM 1: Erogenous Signed
OMFG!! Evilness.......I loved it and the ending...I was so shocked hahahahahahaha

Author's Response: Thank you!!

EXECUTR 2006.01.23 - 05:41PM 1: Erogenous Signed
Fun read. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Thanks! That's kind of like thanking the ocean for being cold in February, and it's so nice to find folks willing to read!!

MollysSister 2005.11.25 - 12:32AM 1: Erogenous Signed
Ha! that was a great dream. hot

Author's Response: Yes, poor Severus. Sometimes it seems like all he's allowed to do, according to JKR, is to dream...

amsev 2005.10.22 - 08:07AM 1: Erogenous Signed
Whoa! Well done, will have to clean the drool off of my keyboard! I look forward to reading any other stories you haver written.

Author's Response: Thank you! I have others posted throughout SH, an am currently working on one that's pretty much porn without plot...I won't begin to post it until it's finished, though.

Tei Hakuto 2005.10.08 - 03:24AM 1: Erogenous Signed
Wow...if that class ever came to be then Snape would be the most loved teacher in Hogwarts rather than the most feared. Good one! ^_^

Author's Response: I'll bet even the rest of the staff would sit in on that class!

Miss 2005.10.07 - 04:43AM 1: Erogenous Signed
LOL I can almost imagine Severus pulling something like this off if he didn't loath them so much. Good story!

Author's Response: I would imagine a class like this might change all their attitudes about each other!

Anouska Draconius 2005.10.05 - 08:38AM 1: Erogenous Signed
Oh wow! I'm joining the queue for Snape's volunteers. Any chance you might write a follow-up of what happens when he sees Erica in class?

Author's Response: No, I never do sequels. But if you'd like to take this particular ball and run with it, I'd love to see what you can do with it!

silversky 2005.10.02 - 03:30AM 1: Erogenous Signed
Damn!! He woke up. Very hot, great topic, now lets see if I can sleep tonight!

Author's Response: Thanks! It just had to be a dream...such things do not happen to wizards like Snape...

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