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Reviews for Lost Souls Found

Tia Calenture 2005.12.23 - 08:04AM 17: Chapter 17: Slytherin Ways Signed
Excellant, just excellant.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

revolsepans 2005.12.03 - 08:53PM 17: Chapter 17: Slytherin Ways Signed
I am amazed at the careful thought you put into creating Rowena's lesson. How did you think of it? And it is presented so logically and pragmatically that I think it must be true and that magic really does exist. ;-) It's really great and one of the many reasons why this story is so interesting. You don't just rehash what we already know, you've actually built on it very nicely. A couple of suggestions: "We all know from experience that even if we perform the wand movement and incantation perfectly, our spell flops unless we are focusing your intention on what you want the spell to do." You change from first to second person in the middle of this sentence. Perhaps a typo and you meant to say "...unless we focus OUR intent on what WE want the spell to do." And: "I suspect you are on(to) a very interesting point.” You use "onto" a few sentences later for a similar situation, so I wonder if you meant to use it here, too.

Author's Response: Oh--great catch! Thank you--I've just changed these now. I'm glad you like the detail, I've worried over this particular chapter more than just about any other because I was afraid it would be too 'boring' for the reader. The information grew out of the many different role playing games I've been on, where Rowena was a teacher in various roles--once the DADA Professor, once the Charms Professor, and even once the Muggle Studies Professor. I really like role-playing games as a place to tinker with and develop my character's personality when it is still in the 'growing' phase in my head. I then tried to condense it into something that made sense in my head--and as you know the bit about emotions having effects on magic continues to be a theme through out the story, so I needed to get it in here somewhere. :)

Andie Bubbles 2005.09.26 - 11:15PM 17: Chapter 17: Slytherin Ways Anonymous
I love the interaction between Snape and Katrina. There IS a heart in there after all. Now, if he'll just get over himself and show Rowena how he feels about her and let her love him in return; Voldemort be damned! I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter! Thanks for keeping me entertained!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you very much. I'm glad you are enjoying the story. I do believe that part of canon-Snape's intense rages that we see stems not from heartlessness, but from someone who feels very deeply and has been hurt too many times to risk it any more. No one can be that nasty without some underlying foundation for it. I believe very much that he does, indeed, have a heart in there. ;) Thank you for taking the time to tell me what you think. I love hearing my reader's thoughts and opinions as they move through the story.

KarenDetroit 2005.09.26 - 03:50PM 17: Chapter 17: Slytherin Ways Signed
Poor Katrina, who would have guessed the hurricane would color her name? I have this feeling I am reading this story in two versions in two places. Is this possible, or am I having a brain fugue? Not that I mind reading it repeatedly--it is worthy of the exposure!

Author's Response: Ah! I know! She was 'named' a full two years before the awful hurricane, of course, and my head just won't apply another name to her. You are not having a brain fugue--though I would encourage you to read this version of the story rather than that which is still posted on the 'lesser' archives. I am currently polishing the story and eliminating loose-ends and plot holes as well as having it thoroughly Britpicked, etc. Eventually it will be uniform at all archives, but the 'polished' version will be here first. Thank you for the comment, I am very glad you are enjoying the story.

snapehp 2005.09.25 - 11:46PM 17: Chapter 17: Slytherin Ways Signed
Katrina is too cute! I love the interaction between her and Severus. Great chapter!

Author's Response: *grin* I love Katrina, too. I have four kids, so I'm pretty familiar with that age group, but in truth she is very heavily patterned after my niece, Meghan. As the saying goes, 'out of the mouths of babes'--Severus will have some 'gotcha' moments from this wee one. Thanks for the review, I'm glad you are enjoying the story!

Amber 2005.09.25 - 11:10PM 17: Chapter 17: Slytherin Ways Signed
“No. I am going to see if there is a procedure in place for transferring school Houses even after the student has finished school"- Great line. Loved it! ;)

Author's Response: *snerk* I have to admit, this was one of my personal favourite lines. I think Severus was both genuinely annoyed at being out manoevered and also genuinely but very grudgingly impressed that she did it so easily. Thank you for the comment, I really love hearing what the readers think as they move through the story. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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