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Reviews for Trust Me

tialangela 2011.07.25 - 12:33PM 3: Strawberry Pie Signed
That was totally unexpected! I really, really liked how you developed this plot, it is fantastic! Congratulations on an awsome piece of writing. ~Angela

bdancer 2009.05.22 - 09:52PM 2: Stirring Sensations Signed
Wow..... You painted a vividly, sensual scene of Snape trying to calming Eryn as he resolves in his mind the kindest manner to perform what he must do. Well done! More scenes like this please.......I wanna be Eryn......

tangerine dream 2008.11.04 - 01:14AM 3: Strawberry Pie Signed
Wow! What a fantastic story! Love the twist at the end! Poor Severus still trapped in his prison!

Aurora Greyeyes 2005.10.18 - 05:22PM 3: Strawberry Pie Signed
Ohhh! deception most evil! I really liked the twist at the end and how she professed her love for him right before he cursed her. I am curious how you came up with the female's name? Although I must confess I hate the artificial smell of condoms it almost is nauseating to me so, I made the score I gave you a bit lower. Sorry...

aramintasnape 2005.10.13 - 04:17PM 3: Strawberry Pie Signed
Wow, that was an unexpected ending! Great story :)

greenwood 2005.10.01 - 05:41PM 3: Strawberry Pie Signed
Wait a minute...did he just do what I think he did? Did he just kill her? Wow...I think this is the first time I have read a story where a woman he had feelings for and who had feelings for him was on the wrong side and he had to do the dirty deed to keep his cover! WOW what a shock. Great story. I look forward to more!

greenwood 2005.10.01 - 05:26PM 2: Stirring Sensations Signed
Whow that was scary! Snape was scary! Great chapter.

greenwood 2005.10.01 - 05:17PM 1: Unexpected Visitors Signed
What a great ending! HA! Great story so far.

westdean 2005.09.27 - 05:19PM 3: Strawberry Pie Signed
Ah you hinted and then you let him do it! Love and hate so close together - your Snape has a deep sadness within him - most enjoyable.

westdean 2005.09.27 - 05:12PM 2: Stirring Sensations Signed
Oh! All those complex emotions that Snape was feeling for Eryn and then he had to obliviate her! You certainly gave the impression that he could have killed her if he needed to - a very interesting Snape!

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