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Reviews for Yes, but...

sinaz0211 2005.10.12 - 06:04PM 8: Eight Signed
Strangely, after this chapter, the two seem more suited for each other. Tonks won the battle, and, more importantly, helped Snape diagnose her poisoning. Snape, for his part, was more interested in finding an antidote than in responding to her "stupid, bloody, evil git" remarks. Mutual respect has leveled their relationship. Good for you! By the way, I've stayed away from the S/T pairings in the past...I think because of Tonks in book 6. But she's wickedly funny, just enough off-kilter to be a match for our potions master. Bring more soon, please.

Author's Response: You know, I love it when reviewers say things like this--it makes me feel like I'm doing my job.

I'm not sure either of the characters would admit to mutual respect, per se, but perhaps their interests are aligned somewhat.

After Book 6, I had an almost uncontrollable urge to start a dark SS/NT/RL story, by the way. I thought that the spat Snape and Tonks had at the beginning of the book could be twisted into indicating that they'd had a relationship gone sour and that Snape was jealous of Lupin. To make a long story short, however, I decided I'd better finish this fic first.

journeymom 2005.09.25 - 05:13AM 8: Eight Signed
Is...is there more to come? Please tell me there's more. That was wonderfully well done and funny. I await the next chapter impatiently.

Author's Response: Of course there's more to come; I just updated, silly. I'm glad you liked it, but you should probably await the next chapter patiently; I'm a slow updater.

gardengrrl13 2005.09.24 - 10:28PM 8: Eight Anonymous
And utter hillarity ensues. This story is priceless, and I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope you update soon... I enjoy choking on my beverage while reading your wit and wisdom. Cheers!

Author's Response: *sound of head hitting computer screen* Why is it that my reviewers feel compelled to injure themselves when reading this story!? Yikes, I'm really going to have to add a disclaimer about that again, aren't I?

Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying it, and please be careful. I'd like to see you live to see the next chapter.

wartcap 2005.09.24 - 03:02PM 8: Eight Signed
Quite possibly the most brilliant chapter on the good ship "fanfic"! ***********So funny, I had to read it three times and still found humour I had missed on first read.

Author's Response: Aww, now that's sweet! I had to write it about eighteen times, so I guess it ended up working out in the end.

Lady Whitehart 2005.09.23 - 05:17PM 8: Eight Signed
LOL If it's only the first date, you're supposed to make them sleep on the couch. Not rude; just proper. ;^D

Author's Response: Alright, alright - you win! Snape was a rude, selfish, evil man, and Tonks is a veritable saint. LOL.

Lady Whitehart 2005.09.22 - 08:03PM 8: Eight Signed
To think I *almost* missed this! Even though this is way more serious than your usual, I still found it to be very enjoyable. So very Snape not to be gentleman enough to give up the bed. Poor Tonks come morning -- she may think that she has died and gone to Hell. *Bows down before Aestel and kisses her feet* Thank you for updating!

Author's Response: Ick! No kissing feet! Bleagh! And no bowing either, while you're at it! I find it interesting that Snape's getting called out for sharing his bed yet the previous night Tonks had exiled him to the couch in her apartment and no one thought that was unusually rude. ;)

Verity Brown 2005.09.21 - 09:13PM 8: Eight Signed
It was a *great* pleasure to watch you tease the funny out of this potentially dark scene. You have an incredible gift for humor. Mine is only the ability to recognize it. :~)

My favorite funny lines:
"Was my big strong Auror fiancée incapable of opening her own door?"
"Wait forty-five minutes after eating?"
"Snape, right now You-Know-Who himself could be nibbling on my toes and it wouldn’t scare me."
'“All three of me,” Snape answered, turning to his book. “There are still three, correct?”'
"A… B… more B..."
"If you cannot wait the few short minutes until the potion is complete then your only other alternative is to go ahead and die."

And my favorite serious line: "It was no wonder he found his students lacking. Everyone’s a dunderhead compared to him."

Author's Response: Well, I owe you a lot of thanks for putting up with the drafts and basically being my beta-tester for humor. For a while there I felt like that guy on the cellphone commercial. "Is it funny now?" :D

ZahariaCelestina 2005.09.21 - 07:49AM 8: Eight Anonymous
(in answer to your question) Only that, given the fact that Severus did not want to give up the comfort of his bed, I would have expected him to stick to that principle in terms of clothing as well. I can hardly imagine how sleeping in those robes/frock coat can be comfortable. I would have had him peel off a thing or two, much to Tonk's "horror". ;o) But then that's just a little detail.

Author's Response: That does make sense, but in my mind he's both dead-tired (I know i've gone to bed fully clothed on a couple of occasions) and quite possibly embarassed by his selection of nightwear. Grey nightshirts, anyone?

Trickie Woo 2005.09.20 - 10:36PM 8: Eight Signed
Poor Tonks ! I hope she recovers quickly. I guess i should say poor Snape too, he's not going to get much rest sharing that bed with her. Maybe he needs a dose of Dreamless Sleep too. I'm looking forward to the meeting with the Weasley twins to plan the wedding, that wedding is one shindig I'd love to see. I can just imagine all the absurd things Fred & George will suggest.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks, Trickie. Meetings will be next chapter, and yes, I agree that Snape and Tonks make strange bedfellows. As for why he didn't take a dreamless sleep potion too - perhaps our callous-seeming Potions master wanted to make sure he was awake in case Tonks didn't start backsliding (experimental potion and all)? Or maybe he just doesn't like the way it tastes?

FeyinBetween 2005.09.20 - 08:47PM 8: Eight Signed
Tee hee. Tonks is so adorable when she's poisoned.

Author's Response: Excuse me, but who is this 'Tonks' person you're talking about? All my other reviews are pretty much Snape-centric. Really, who let you in here?

*Grin* Glad you enjoyed it.

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