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Reviews for Yes, but...

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 08:11PM 8: Eight Signed

tigerlily2 2008.02.23 - 04:10AM 8: Eight Signed
Best chapter yet! Yep, he's brilliant, but I wonder when the both of them are going to admit they might like each other. I also admit to wondering when Dumbledore and the rest of the order are going to jump out and yell 'April Fools'. Thanks!

Cardigrl 2006.02.04 - 02:33PM 8: Eight Anonymous
Wonderful! And how Snape: "I refuse to give up my bed because some idiot fiancée of mine nearly got herself killed." Romantic to the core, isn't he? I'm way behind on this review, but just had to tell you how much I'm enjoying the story. And looking forward to seeing how you sneak in the new things.

Author's Response: Hrm, a plot bunny comes to mind - Snape as the true romantic type. Roses and chocolates all the way. Silken sheets and boxers... a heart-shaped bed... and then he wakes up scared out of his mind and screaming bloody murder.

No problem on being behind; I'm rather behind on my updates as well.

villarosso 2005.12.30 - 02:36PM 8: Eight Anonymous
Definitely made me laugh. Finally no hopeless drivel concerning this marriage law thing. Snape hung like a mountain troll had me laughing out loud.

Author's Response: Hrm, I tend to think I'm quite hopeless, and there've been a few moments when I thought my writing was drivel, but I'm glad you're liking the story. :D Welcome aboard.

Sekh 2005.12.03 - 10:13PM 8: Eight Anonymous
Still love it! Keep it coming...please?? :D

Author's Response: Glad you're still here. How's a week or so sound?

Persephone Lupin 2005.11.18 - 10:24AM 8: Eight Signed
ROFLROFLLOL, wonderful story, love the humour! Please write more soon!!!

Author's Response: Thank you.

Writing... :D

Lady Whitehart 2005.11.16 - 12:53AM 8: Eight Signed
Here's hoping things settle down for you really soon! Nothing too terrible I hope. Would it help if I sent more brownies? I promise to be patient -- no matter how hard it gets. LOL

Author's Response: No, no, nothing terrible. Things are just busy at work and school and I've got a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome to boot. I've been working on the chapter, but I don't have it in nearly good enough shape to send out yet. Thank you for your concern, though!

brooke 2005.11.09 - 08:55PM 8: Eight Signed
I have enjoyed this story and have been watching for udates for a while. Please, please, please. I am addicted to the idea of the Twins catering the wedding.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing; every review does help a little to make me feel guilty about updating so slowly. The thing is, I'm an extremely slow updater and must beg for your patience. This is a bit of a lag even for me, but I've been too busy to write lately. Hopefully things will calm down soon--I have such great ideas (and/or nefarious plots)!

Deeble 2005.11.06 - 08:34PM 8: Eight Anonymous
This is so wonderfully, insanely, intelligently funny! I'm glad Verity Brown recommended it or I might have missed it, and that would have been my loss.

Author's Response: Why thank you, Deeble (and thanks to Verity)! It means a lot to know you enjoy this since I followed What E'er Therein is Promised fairly religiously. Too bad I can't keep to your update schedule.

journeymom 2005.11.03 - 06:52PM 8: Eight Anonymous
By the way, I just wanted to say I actually like SS/NT better than SS/HG. I instantly liked Tonks when JKR introduced her. In canon she's closer in age to Snape than Hermione. She's quirky and fun and she's an auror, so she's cool. Honestly, you could specialize in Snape/Tonks and I'd be quite happy! Just thought I'd throw that out there!

Author's Response: Aww, that's sweet! I could specialize in Snape/Tonks stories, but it'd be a very slow-moving ship, I'm afraid.

Honestly, though, the thing I think makes SS/NT ever-so-slightly better than SS/HG right now is that anyone who writes SS/NT has to prove it--by which I mean that the writer remembers that they should probably expend some effort to make the progression of the relationship believable. SS/HG is fanon, and I find many lazy writers tend to assume the relationship is both natural and inevitable without showing the reader why. (The other reason SS/NT is better, of course, is Tonks is much more fun.) But enough theory, I suppose!

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