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Reviews for Levels of Stupidity

morgaine_dulac 2008.04.12 - 05:06AM 1: Levels of Stupidity Signed
I prefer your version of the whole Snape/Lily affair. Never liked Saint Lily too much.

Author's Response: I was willing to give Saint-Lily the benefit of the doubt until I saw her in action (OotP). Now that we've seen more of her in DH, I like her even less. A friend doesn't wait till a near-death experience comes up in conversation to find out what happened, and most emphatically does not prejudge that it was the victim's fault. Actually, I now believe that Snape was probably right about James being in on it. We were predisposed by Dumbledore's comments to think James had acted heroically, but Dumbledore clearly hadn't the foggiest idea what really happened. He didn't even know that the Marauders were Animagi or that they regularly wandered the school grounds and countryside, and he wasn't even roused to keep watch after almost losing a student to his inadequately-secured werewolf beneficiary. The thing that tips the scale for me is that there's no evidence of any split amongst the Marauders, such as you'd expect if the prank was entirely Sirius's. After all, he could have got Lupin expelled/jailed/executed and exposed their Animagi secret, which could have got them jailed too. Yet Lily seems entirely unaware that Sirius was involved, which you'd think she'd know if James or Remus were blaming him, and Lupin is strangely blase about the incident in PoA. I think they were all in on it, but that it was intended to intimidate or incriminate Snape rather than mutilating him, and that what "James realised Sirius had done" was to tweak the prank a bit too much into the danger zone.

testingt 2008.01.10 - 01:50AM 1: Levels of Stupidity Signed
Not my reading of Severus, but you make it most convincing. (And I'm reading post-DH, and you're close to non-AU). Your tone and use of words is very good;you are internally consistent and, ah, bitter.

Author's Response: We now know what good reason he had to be bitter. When I wrote it, the line about Lily "using him as a prop in her weird courting rituals" was only one possible interpretation of the scene, but I feel DH confirms it. Ick, she wasn't much of a friend IMO.

Potioncat 2006.08.10 - 10:40PM 1: Levels of Stupidity Signed
You have really captured Snape's rhythm and style in this monologue. His personal reasons for the public behavior seem very likely. I've seen the idea before that Snape and Neville may have been present at the Crucioing of the Longbottoms. This is a guilt-free view point and again, seems right on. I'm looking forward to reading your other pieces.

Author's Response: Thanks. Snape always has reasons which seem good to him for his actions and reactions, however inexplicable or unfair they may seem to outsiders.

Black Spot 2005.10.27 - 01:44AM 1: Levels of Stupidity Signed
Thank you for a very interesting story. I enjoyed very much.

Author's Response: :))

blythemeteor 2005.10.11 - 10:59AM 1: Levels of Stupidity Signed
I think this piece was very insightful and well written. I enjoyed it immensely.

Author's Response: :))

blythemeteor 2005.10.11 - 10:58AM 1: Levels of Stupidity Signed
I think this piece was very insightful and wel written. I enjoyed it immensely.

Author's Response: Thanks.

Synnove 2005.10.10 - 07:52PM 1: Levels of Stupidity Anonymous
Interesting! Well-written and intriguing.

Author's Response: I like to let Snape speak for himself. Naturally his view of a scene is entirely different from Harry's or Rowlong's.

rambkowalczyk 2005.09.27 - 10:18AM 1: Levels of Stupidity Signed
Excellant point of view

Author's Response: Thanks. I just started with the premise that Snape is human, with his own distinctive outlook on life, shaped by his experiences and his character. He's a particularly old-fashioned teacher in a rather old-fashioned world. He had a harsh upbringing and was repeatedly bullied at school, with the complicity or negligence of the staff. Also his schooldays began just as the new headmaster banned previous discipline methods of severe physical punishment so one can only imagine how quickly the staff adapted to the change.

winna 2005.09.21 - 12:26PM 1: Levels of Stupidity Signed
I just finished your other two stories here and I have to say: you understand Snape! Yes, he's a nasty piece of work, but he comes by it honestly, and actually tries to do the right thing. Good job!

Author's Response: He's not pleasant but he's steadfast and honourable.

whitehound 2005.09.19 - 10:53PM 1: Levels of Stupidity Signed
I don't think they really do treat him as an equal, no. Partly it's because he's so much younger than most of the staff and half of them taught *him*, so they can't make up their minds whether he's a teacher or a student - but they are also mostly very cold to him. There's that nasty little bit on OotP where Ron is so pleased Snape never stays to eat with the Order and, OK, we know Ron doesn't like Snape and he has some reason, but I got the feeling JK put that there to show that the Order think it's OK for Snape to suffer and die for them, but not to actually *socialize* with them.

I don't think his reaction to Harry is as organized as still consciously blaming Harry for his father's behaviour (until the Penseive incident).

1: Every time he sees Harry's face, which is James' face, he simply feels hot and sick and humiliated, and that automatically puts him in a vile mood and then everybody gets a piece.

2: Harry represents his own best hope of surviving Voldemort, and he can't risk having Voldemort catch him thinking of Harry as a symbol of hope, so he has to encourage himself to hate Harry as much as possible.

3: Either Harry or Neville represents his best hope of surviving Voldemort, but they are a pretty feeble pair of hopes after all, and every time either of them screws up he can feel his own torture-death creeping that much closer.

Author's Response: I totally agree. I don't know why some people find Snape difficult to understand and how some people misread him. I read fanfic that depicts him as sexy, controlled, confident, and he put on a good act of the latter two in HBP Spinner's End but underneath he's a seething cauldron of misery ready to blow - all the time.

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