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Reviews for The Color of Suffer

star_girl 2008.08.14 - 03:55AM 1: The Color of Suffer Signed
Wonderful poem, just beautiful. He seems to see himself as beyond redemption.

Aturia 2006.03.29 - 08:40PM 1: The Color of Suffer Signed
Lovely, lovely rhyming...your style is quite wonderful! I can "feel" the emotions of Snape...his unrequited love and his abject suffering. Love your internal rhythm. I think I might go by your example and try writing some poetry in this form as well. Thanks.

JesusWillSave 2005.12.03 - 04:16PM 1: The Color of Suffer Anonymous
I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks! =)

rin 2005.10.14 - 10:29AM 1: The Color of Suffer Anonymous
right, strange, it made me feel...bored, try again^^

Author's Response: I'll take 'strange'... as an indication you didn't understand his turmoil and the hopelessness of the situation, and therefore felt bored while reading it... That's my fault. My intention was to make this easily decipherable to the general public while retaining a certain level of ambiguity. Telling me exactly which stanzas or lines that, in your opinion, I should 'try again' would help me profusely in the editing process. More info would have been appreciated but thanks for taking the time to review all the same! (If poetry bores you in general... don’t waste your time reading it!!!) =op

“True wisdom- Is knowing that you know nothing” -Socrates =)

Fluffy Bat 2005.09.18 - 12:16AM 1: The Color of Suffer Signed
I liked this.Every body knows the fear of potential rejection and some of us do wrap ourselves in black misery rather than speak to the object of our desire about our desired objectives. Whether this is Severus' cri-de-couer to Hermione or not,it is still very moving.

Author's Response: You hit it right on. It is his deep rooted insecurity and fear of rejection I was trying to convey. The orginal title of this poem was "Fear, Consuming".

CallaHaruka 2005.09.17 - 09:00PM 1: The Color of Suffer Anonymous
Beautiful use of language! I love the Severus/Hermione tragedy. I can imagine Severus speaking this aloud to himself--alone as always.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I agree with you, he is so alone. At times he seems to me a tragic figure in desperate need of acceptance and unconditional love.

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