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Reviews for Monkey Business

Penguin2006 2006.03.01 - 12:42PM 1: - Signed
Again, I was eased into the story by your delicious descriptions. I had such a smile on my face as you described the pets, especially Allan. I didn't get the Edgar - Allan - Poe reference until I read the reviews, although I did pick up on the Poe. Duh! So obvious! My favourite passage is Allan's haughty acceptance of Brynhild's ministrations. "But even this proud old gentleman is not made of stone, and there are times at which he lets his cold mask slip. His beautiful long fur needs grooming, and the sheer mass of it makes it impossible to manage with just one small pink sandpaper tongue." Oh, that small, pink tongue! So difficult to be a dignified cat with a small pink tongue and a mass of fur that needs help to groom each day. Do you happen to have a cat yourself? I really didn't see it coming. As usual, you are the master at building up the ending. The dialogue was wonderful. So, Severus was the monkey. Then, I thought, 'she had him washing his hair, that's so cliched'. I'm glad you pointed it out, not me. And that you were making fun of it. :) I have a fantastic mental image now of Snape in front of his Potions class a few months later, having a quick surreptitious scratch, and wondering why on earth he fancies a banana. :) Dumbledore was very keen on the idea of displaying his privates, wasn't he? "Very liberating," indeed. Have you seen those Potterpuppetpals where a naked Dumbledore runs around at the end? That's what it reminded me of. Yeeeeeaaaa! Naked Time!

Author's Response: I love the puppetpals :D... I thought it was the kind of thing Dumbledore might say; I'm not entirely sure why, LOL. Maybe it was unconscious puppetpal influence...

I love cats - I suppose that much is obvious from the story :-). I used to have one, but now that I live in the city I keep orchids instead *cough*. I'm glad you enjoyed my little tale! Thanks so much for the elaborate review. -S.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.12.09 - 11:11PM 1: - Signed
I am chuckling softly at the thought of poor Snape trapped in monkey form for over two weeks at the whim of Brynhild, with only an "Eeek!" to convey his feelings. Moreover, he pranced about during this time with his privates dangling publicly for all to see. Very nice!!

Author's Response: I still feel that Snape and animals are entirely incongruent; and every time I see him in some grandiose animagus form in a fic, I chuckle... How mean I have been to him. But I'm glad you like it! Thanks! -S.

veradee 2005.10.21 - 09:03PM 1: - Signed
That certainly was a very unexpected animagus form, but I liked it a lot. After all it doesn't always have to be a snake or a bird. I have to admit that I didn't understand the Edgar Allan Poe reference though. I know he wrote a story called "The Black Cat", but that has got a rather gruesome ending. I like the way Brynhild's character develops from story to story. I hope you'll write more stories with her and Snape.

Author's Response: Brynhild always had a black cat called Poe. Then I invented a snake called Edgar, and I thought I might as well name the second cat Allan. I'm afraid there is no deeper meaning than Brynhild liking Poe's work *and* her having a slightly gruesome side to her character which you haven't really seen so far. I'm working on a long fic in which she'll be back. Thanks for reviewing, veradee! -S.

Fluffy Bat 2005.09.18 - 12:33AM 1: - Signed
How delightful;Simian Severus! I'd have liked to have known more about his inter action with the other animals,but then, Edgar might have eaten him,and that would never do.I wonder if Sigune would consider writing another story with the other animals perspectives included? I also especially enjoyed Severus' comments. More,please.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, Fluffy Bat - I'm happy you liked it! The story was conceived as a one-shot, I'm afraid; but if I do get an idea for a continuation I'll certainly let you know :-). -S.

Potioncat 2005.09.15 - 01:12PM 1: - Anonymous
Oh, my! No one will ever come up with a better match for Severus than Brynhild! I've read other fics where Snape is made the butt of the joke, but none worked as well as this! I liked this interaction, particularly as it cuts and soothes at the same time: ************************************************************************************* Now, now, my boy,” Dumbledore soothes, “don’t get worked up about it. Your animal shape never revealed anything we did not know yet – or did it, Miss Bromley?” “Definitely not. You have always appeared clever, resourceful, stubborn, possessive, aggressive, domineering and difficult to live with.” “That means neither of us has lost any of our esteem for you,” Dumbledore continues unperturbed. ******************************************************************************************* I have to admit, I had no idea what was coming. I did get Edgar Alan Poe, but that was after I thought Alan was a nod to Rickman! Very well done. A great humor piece.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you picked that bit, because the ending is the reason why this story was posted in September not June - I just couldn't get it right. Edgar and Poe came by their names separately. Finally I decided to give the second cat a matching name :-). Thanks for the kind words, Potioncat! -S.

azulkan2 2005.09.11 - 08:16PM 1: - Signed

Author's Response: Thanks :-). -S

Vocalion 2005.09.11 - 07:38AM 1: - Signed
"As a man you are bad, but as a pet you were worse.” -- Brynhild handled the unfortunate situation quite well. And Dumbledore's casual reaction was perfect, and very amusing: "I myself would have gambled a few Galleons on your turning into a black sheep. I suppose you find this shape preferable by far – I doubt sheep can scowl.” Well done, Sigune!

Author's Response: I suspected you might like Dumbledore's line :-). Thanks a lot, Vocalion! -S.

Trickie Woo 2005.09.11 - 01:29AM 1: - Signed
I always thought Snape's animagus would be something more dramatic and mysterious, like a panther or a raven, but the monkey does manage to embody all of his worst characteristics. By the time she gave him the bath I knew Snape was the monkey, the bottle of shampoo she gave him clinched it. I could deal with her other pets, but Edgar would have to prepare his own meals.

Author's Response: Oh! I didn't realise the bath was a giveaway - monkeys do smell and Brynhild was bound to do something about that. But of course I was poking fun at OFC-washes-Snape's-hair scenarios at the same time so, well, you're right :-). As to feeding snakes, I can assure you I don't share Brynhild's enthusiasm either... Thanks for reviewing! -S.

Lunafish 2005.09.10 - 10:16PM 1: - Anonymous
Well. That was unexpected. I wouldn't say it was lol (though I did in a few places), but it had a pleasant sharp humor that, quite frankly, is even better! Wickedly fun!

Author's Response: Ah well. I'll never be a Vocalion, unfortunately - if I have drawn a few chuckles from you I am quite content :-)... Thanks for reviewing, lunafish! -S.

Grainne 2005.09.10 - 09:04PM 1: - Signed
Eeh! Eeh! Eeh! (That's monkey for mad laughter). I solemnly swear that I am not skiving off my duties, Sigune, but I simply had to take a break from Mary-Sues and come look at this *winks*. You have combined two of my favourites--Potions master and primate. I like Ms. Bromley more and more, and the overall story concept is, well, hilarious...and quite fitting, actually. Grins, applause--they're all yours!

Author's Response: *blinks* You mean it worked?! :-) Yee-ha! I know Snape-as-an-animal has been done before, but I like to think this is slightly different from other stories. I'm delighted that it could charm you! Thanks a lot! -S.

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