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Reviews for Zone of Seduction

parothed67 2011.11.05 - 10:38PM 1: Zone of Seduction Signed
You are too modest! I wouldn't call this "pointless piece of fluff"; I would call it delicious! Very well told & very enjoyable. I wish I could write as well as you.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, I have to admit to a fascination with the paleolothic string skirts and their mythology. Plus any excuse to show Severus a good time is a fine thing ;-)

cmwinters 2006.08.25 - 02:56PM 1: Zone of Seduction Signed
Wow. Thanks for the educational information. O_o

Author's Response: Now, why couldn't class have been that fun?

amsev 2005.10.22 - 08:17AM 1: Zone of Seduction Signed
Yummy! I look forward to reading other fics. Intriguing take on the word "zone". There is also "zona" to consider, the outer membrane of an ovum....

Author's Response: The word started out meaning an article of clothing, and mutated to refer to a boundary between things. The ties between textiles and linguistics are pretty strong, it's just fascinating. Thanks for reviewing.

Verity Brown 2005.09.10 - 11:17PM 1: Zone of Seduction Signed
That string skirt is certainly compelling! It definitely inspired my personal mental picture of Sarah's pregnancy-hiding illusion belt. So thank *you* for that. :~)

Author's Response: Well it does have rather a lot to do with reproduction!

Lady Whitehart 2005.09.10 - 02:39PM 1: Zone of Seduction Signed
Thanks! That made my day! Good thing you remembered to change the rating. I need my fan and a margarita.

Author's Response: Maybe you, me and verity should put in a b ulk order on those fans. And a crate of limes :o)

phoenix 2005.09.10 - 01:48PM 1: Zone of Seduction Signed
That was great. You know, there's nothing wrong with harmless fluff. ;-)....I loved the line about teenage boys and keeping flobberworms happy. LOL How very true. I also loved the ending where she started to doubt herself. Loved it.

Author's Response: Our Sev is no fool, he understands plausible deniability :o)

Gannet 2005.09.10 - 07:58AM 1: Zone of Seduction Signed
That was great! Thank you for writing!

Author's Response: you're welcome, thanks for reviewing!

zafania 2005.09.10 - 05:11AM 1: Zone of Seduction Anonymous
l liked the idea of stil using and recreating the fringed belts, that was interesting, although i'm afraid i've never got on too well with women's work by barber, there's some gushy sentace at the beginning about the "great sorority of the spindle " or some such nonsense that rather makes me puke(years of research into women in ancient greece have given me an over sensitive femnist bulshit detactor)although i did love her article on the peplos of athene - i'd love to try to reconstruct some of the techniques she discusses there, but even though our house is large i dont have room to put my big warp wieght up for long enough, and the museums always want something viking in these parts. i'd be happy to scan and send you the article if you haven't come across it? think you clicked the wrong rating by the way, although i like smut! so like snape to strill make her scrub the flors!

Author's Response: I got hooked on Barber from "Prehistoric Textiles", I recomended "Women's Work" here because it's more accessible to the non technical textile junkie. I was really captivated though, thinking of the paleolithic venus figures, some of which have string skirts carved on. Those skirts are old. I have a modern one my cousin brought me back from Albania, though it is more beltlike than skirtlike.

I haven't seen the peplos article, but I'd love to. Did you know at least some of the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest made string skirts too? There are examples in the NY Museum of Natural History. There are also examples from only a couple hundred years ago of twined weft blankets from that area. Fix a header cord to a wooden frame, hang the warps to it with larks-head knots (stop there and you have the string skirt!) take a doubled weft and twist around the wefts, helix like. Those people left Asia with weaving technology, but before the loom, and never discovered it on their own! Oops, you got me started :*)

I'm glad no one got freaked before I could fix the rating, though you'd think the PWP category would be a tip-off!

Trickie Woo 2005.09.10 - 03:56AM 1: Zone of Seduction Signed
Great story and nice lemons. Why does it have a C rating? I think it's worthy of an L rating

Author's Response: because I forgot to change the default . fixed now. Glad you liked ie :)

LariLee 2005.09.10 - 02:38AM 1: Zone of Seduction Signed
Heh heh heh... she might have magic, but once the wand is done... it's business at usual. :-) nicely done! I liked the idea of of the belt or girdle coming down from the witches in the family. Of course, this may have been just what he wanted as well. I particularly love the last few lines.

Author's Response: I think Snape is clever enough to realize he could claim he was bewitched if they got caught ;^)

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