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Reviews for Lost Souls Found

Midnightshadows 2005.09.08 - 06:27AM 10: Chapter 10: Uneasy Understanding Signed
Oh he cares and he knows it. Stubborn git can't act on it at the moment however. The Fete should be rather interesting, how could Rowena think Severus would wear anything but black, it just wouldn't be him. I wonder how the attraction Katrina has with Severus is going to play out. Never really pictured him as a family man....let alone really caring for the child, as he knows he does. I love the fact that, although Katrina is a minor character in the mix of things, she manages to make us see different sides of Severus (I'm not complaining) Like I said before the Fete should be interesting. Will Rowena manage to get Severus to dance with her? Would she dare to wear black or Slytherin Green? (doubtful) and of corse.....Are they managing to convince both Lucis AND Narcissa...not to mention the various other Death Eaters that will no doubt be attending. It's going to be an interesting chapter and hopefully my retoorical questions will be answered.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your indepth rhetorical questions. I love knowing what sorts of things my story makes my readers think about and wonder. I think a great deal of your questions will be answered with the next chapter, though Katrina will continue to allow us glimpses of unknown sides of Severus throughout the story. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you are enjoying the story.

GreenEyes 2005.09.08 - 01:55AM 10: Chapter 10: Uneasy Understanding Signed
* The Fete includes a meal. I will be giving you a multipurpose poison antidote of my own creation when I pick you up.* Comforting... Something tells me that this party will be interesting, to say the least. Will this be in the next chapter, or is there other chapters between them? Looking foward to reading more, and I'm so glad to see the updates so quickly. It's nice not having to wait for months, wondering if an author is going to update or abandon the fic. (You've won yourself a fan, in case you can't tell.) :-)

Author's Response: Nope, no waiting. The party is next chapter, and I just got it back from my final beta tonight, so it will be going in the queue very shortly. Yay! I'm thrilled to have a fan, thank you. :) I'm glad you are enjoying the story.

Amber 2005.09.07 - 09:12AM 10: Chapter 10: Uneasy Understanding Signed
Excellent story thus far! Can't wait to read the rest of it!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying it. More soon, I promise. The story is complete her on my computer, just going through the necessary final polish to correct my deplorable punctuation abuse. Nothing major and should not take too long--this will not be an abandoned WIP, I promise. I've worked far too hard for far too long, and my goal has always been to finally get it good enough to be here, so you will not be left hanging. Thank you for the comment, it means a great deal to me to hear from readers. :)

Tia Calenture 2005.09.07 - 12:41AM 10: Chapter 10: Uneasy Understanding Signed
I have noticed the differences between this and the one at AFF. Good additions.

Author's Response: Yes, the versions at the other archives are extremely rough. I am slowly editing those as well, so that eventually it will be uniform at all the posted locations. The 'new and improved' versions will always be here, first, however. I'm glad you agree that they are an improvement.

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