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Reviews for Noctivagus

Jhereg0708 2006.03.15 - 04:47AM 1: Noctivagus Signed
Talk about catching your enemy with their pants down and congragulations on choosing this pairing ( it's hard to pull off good or people don't like one of the characters. Personally I happen to like this pairing.). I don't think I've read a fic that uses the room of requirement as a place to wank (sex yes, authors tend to use the dormroom beds and silencing charms for it-which does bring up the question of why Sirius chose to wank some place else). Maybe its after the werewolf incident and Black is still in the ' dog house'. On the other hand, Severus being very believable (even the books had him up walking around at night...Sorry, I seem to be over thinking things). Anyway, for a first try at fanfic, it's good and there is nothing wrong with useing poetry (who cares if it's over used, it works).

siriusblkfan4lif 2005.10.16 - 05:14PM 1: Noctivagus Signed
DAMMIT sequel nowwww!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! Maybe I'll think about a sequel if I find the time - and my WIP at Ashwinder is completed...

Snegurochka 2005.09.06 - 04:32PM 1: Noctivagus Signed
A nice little piece! Snape/Black is exceedingly difficult to pull off. If this is your first slash attempt, you aimed high! But I think it works. I enjoyed the build-up with Snape's insomnia and incessant worrying, contrasted with Sirius's calm indifference.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I know that SS/SB isn't exactly the easiest pairing to write, but they're the two characters that interest me the most. I've read so much great SS/SB, especially by Fabula Rasa, which intrigued me so greatly... Although I also enjoy SS/RL, I don't seem to have a good feeling for writing Remus. So when that plot bunny hopped to me, I couldn't help it but write. ;-) You know how it works, since you're a wonderful slash writer yourself. Your enjoyment of this one-shot means very much to me, for I know the quality of your work! Again, thanks! PS: English isn't my first language - German is - I hope you can understand what I mean.

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