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Reviews for Lost Souls Found

Lady Whitehart 2005.09.09 - 09:19PM 8: Chapter 8: What is Real? Signed
And I thought *I* was obsessed with Snape. Oh my! I hope he learns to trust her. I love this story and wish to thank Trickie Woo (one of my wonderfully loyal readers) for pointing it out to me.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! She's been extremely encouraging to me as well. I'm glad you took the time to 'stop in' and read, and I'm glad you're enjoying the story. More ahead soon.

GreenEyes 2005.09.06 - 05:49AM 8: Chapter 8: What is Real? Signed
Ack! I missed two updates! Poor Severus seemed so confused... :) This must be so strange for him, and so disconcerting. Another wonderful chapter! *hurries off to read chapter 9*

Author's Response: Thank you, I"m glad you liked it. He is definitely a bit out of his element here.

Tia Calenture 2005.09.06 - 02:36AM 8: Chapter 8: What is Real? Signed
I see she had to practically hit him over the head to get him to understand. It might have been more frightening for him if she had let down her occlumency and poured her entire emotions at him, I kept waiting for that. There were a few sentances that were perfect, and a coulple that I would have worded a bit different, but this is your story and it is great anyway. lol

Author's Response: LOL--I think he might actually faint from shock if she did that. *smirk* All kidding aside, in many ways I don't really feel that this is 'my' story anymore, so much as a communal work where my betas help me mush my sometimes chaotic ideas into understandable sentences. I hope you wll feel free to point out sentences that seem awkward, I am always wanting to improve my writing and the clarity for the readers. Still, I'm glad you liked it overall.

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