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Reviews for Spinner's End: The Handmaid's Tale

crazymarie111 2007.11.07 - 04:13PM 1: Spinner's End: The Handmaid's Tale Signed
Yes, I hadn't thought of that. I read your trilogy quite a while ago, and am very glad you're continuing with the updates. Of course now we'll have to find some way to bring Severous back from the dead, but I have faith. Seriously, I've loved your writing so far and I look foward to more of it.

sss 2007.08.25 - 07:36AM 1: Spinner's End: The Handmaid's Tale Signed
Ah, I knew if I checked your other works I'd find another Mahaut story. Very nice as a stand-alone, thanks.

Author's Response: Thankyou, there are a couple of others, a picture of ehr is set sometime between colchis and third vison if i remember rghtly

deliquesce1979 2005.11.22 - 10:20PM 1: Spinner's End: The Handmaid's Tale Signed
Wow. This is rich and twisted and beautiful. I was gripped from the first line. The word-play was brilliant: sister-burden, shallow of a doubt, chocolate. Fanfiction of the first class.

Author's Response: twisted is prbably about right, it took me ages to visaulise how mahaut would cope with seeing severus in hbp, then i realised she'd have been stark staing bonkers by then and the skewed words just appealed to me. thanks for reviewing

mouse 2005.09.02 - 01:00PM 1: Spinner's End: The Handmaid's Tale Anonymous
I found this a very interesting and clever piece - you do a excellent job of showing how broken Mahaut's mind is, with her incorrect choices of words. That was very clever, and it worked well. She doesn't really come across as insane however - but I don't think you could have made a coherent story out of this if she had been both fragmented and crazy. You've done a great job of crafting an engaging and coherent story out of a premise that must have been very tricky to deal with. Excellent work!

Author's Response: to be honest i had to bite the bullet in the end and just post it , coz i kept going back and picking at the damned thing, over and over. it was very much an experiment, and i wasn't sure if it made any sense at all at first ( me not making sense is hardly unusaul after all!) l think that you're right, crazy and fragmented would not have worked coz it would havebeen too much, i think this came to a happy medium, this was something i'd been wanting to express for quite a while, so its good to finally have it out of my head( if that makes any sense?) thanks for reveiwing

Trickie Woo 2005.09.01 - 06:27PM 1: Spinner's End: The Handmaid's Tale Signed
I clicked the wrong button, I wasn't finished. I liked the short blonde haie, tanned skin, and few extra pounds. I also loved the fact that his type was fat with lots of cellulite. Then there was the surprise twist at the end. You can keep on writing the existential stories, but add a few like "The Muse' and Mannerisms" for me to enjoy because I like your writing.

Author's Response: LOL! i thought you were trying for an existential review! poor trickie woo and your button problems - almost as bad as my button fetish! i understood when o wrote this thatit might not be to everyone's tastes, and it is very much a one off piece - but it really was the only way thet Mahaut's thoughts would work for me personally while she was mad. i have another short adventure to post, its rather dark and twisted, but the trouble is that i have two versions of it and i cant decide which is best, i asked 3 betas fro thier opinions, 2 have got back to me with 2 different answers and the third hasn't replyed yet so i'm still in a quandry! so sweet that you like my writing though, it probably because you dont have to read it in my awful handwriting, this stuffs barely legible when it starts out. i truly apprecaite your opinion though, so thanks for the review

Trickie Woo 2005.09.01 - 06:22PM 1: Spinner's End: The Handmaid's Tale Signed
This is far too Existential for me. I know who she is since I have read the first 2 parts of your trilogy, but I can't get into Existetialism or a character so totally self absorbed. I preferred "The Muse" and "Mannerisms" because there was more action with the characters. I just never could get into Margaret Atwood, I go more for Jane Austen, Dan Brown, and JKR. But we all have our own unique tastes and prferences and what one person likes may not appeal to another at all. "The Muse" appealed to me because it reminded me of the 'Mona Lisa' and Da'Vinci with an added soupcon of Vermeer's 'Girl With a Pearl Earring'and it was active within the flashback and when he knocked over the potion and the results of that. "Mannerisms" appealed because it tickled me to see Snape free and in diguise with the short blonde hair and tanned skin and

greenwood 2005.09.01 - 05:16PM 1: Spinner's End: The Handmaid's Tale Anonymous
Very powerful and sad. It sounds like someone who has lost their mind and really only has bits of memory left to desperately piece it back together - only to find that it is impossible to do so. I loved the Mahaut story and this tail gives some insite to her characters pain.

Author's Response: thakns, thatw as what i was trying to do, it just took me quite a while to find a way to do it. at least we know it going to be ok in the end! thanks for reviewing

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