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Reviews for Muse

Verity Brown 2005.09.01 - 08:00PM 1: Muse Signed
ACK!!! Oh, no! I feel so sorry for him. And I have to wonder what use Voldie had in mind for the potion. What a gripping story!

Author's Response: sorry but i'm a bit to sadistic for happily ever after! l dont think voldie actaully knew what the potion was for either - l had in mind the way eveil megalomaniacs seem to just want to hoarde tings coz they are rare and valuable, some people dont seem to need morereason than that, the uniqueness makes then feel superior? thanks for reveiwng

starshadow 2005.08.30 - 07:58PM 1: Muse Anonymous
Very well written - nice little story, and very little smut. Marvellous x

Author's Response: why are you complaining about smut when you admit to reading pwps? anyway it wouldn;t have smut at that rating! glad you liked it though, thanks for reveiwing

Seanna 2005.08.30 - 07:48AM 1: Muse Anonymous
A lovely change of pace, it is quite different to the other things you've written yet still as zafania as ever. Very nice, I really liked it. x

Author's Response: by change of pace you mean i failed to make you cry this time? damn! must try harder! thanks for reveiwing!

greenwood 2005.08.30 - 12:45AM 1: Muse Signed
Very well done! Very unique story.

Author's Response: thanks, didn't realise it was unique, is that a polite way of saying "zaffys a weirdo?" thanks for reveiwing!

Trickie Woo 2005.08.29 - 11:56PM 1: Muse Signed
A very intriguing story. The description of her her face sounds as though she was the Mona Lisa. After "The Da'Vinci Code" I look at so many paintings as if Da'Vinci had done them. Who knows, someone could have painted the clothes and background over one of Da'Vinci's unknown paintings and left the original face Da'Vinci put there. If there really is a wizarding world I think that Da'Vinci would be part of it and he could well have embedded a magic in the painting that had her come to life for Snape.

Author's Response: to be honest i haven't read the da vinci code, but i like the idea of the painting being a lost da vinci, apart from i envisioned her being a rather sweet edwardian portrait - i almost considered a postscript where snape meets and old woman and realises that its her, but i changed my mind about it. thanks for the reveiw!

mouse 2005.08.29 - 09:25PM 1: Muse Anonymous
What a lovely story! (Or is he actually going insane? Hmm...) This was very sweet, and I did enjoy it. Good work!

Author's Response: i think wehter or not he is actually going insane is up to you to decide, but you couldn't really blame the poor sod if he did, could you? thanks for reveiwing

Sylver 2005.08.29 - 06:52PM 1: Muse Anonymous
Wow. This is a very well written vignette, and I like how you caught his humanity. I can only imagine how disappointed he was to find that there was no further trace of the potion, but it would be very interesting to know more about what happened. As a stand alone, this is a wonderful piece, poignant and touching, and it illustrates a side of Severus that many wouldn't expect to find or be able to write effectively. Thank you for writing a beautiful bit of fiction.

Author's Response: i did consider letting him find more potion, but i'm a sadistic bitch, deep down, so i decided to let him suffer, angst is more fun to write! glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for reveiwing

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