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Reviews for Mannerisms

MimiManderly 2007.04.21 - 10:38PM 1: Mannerisms Signed
I, too, have entertained the notion that Severus could hide out as a Muggle in the end, but I fear it is not to be. I think it very likely that JKR will kill him off. I enjoyed the story, and it was well-written....I guess what surprises me are the reviewers that are looking for a happy Snape with a happy ending. People actually need WARNINGS that a story has a sad ending? Here's a news bulletin, children: Fiction imitates life, and life doesn't give you warnings. Bad things will happen to you occasionally, and eventually you WILL die. And all that will occur with a minimal warning at best. So get a helmet, and strap yourself in. I'm sure Snape would tell you as much, and with a good deal more sarcasm. Warnings! Geez....

Author's Response: sorry it took me so long to responmd, been moving house and net acces was dodgy. fandom does tend to make people expect things they wouldn't from other fiction and i cant work out why. anyway, we'll soon swhat the almighty jkr has in store

journeymom 2005.10.24 - 01:09PM 1: Mannerisms Signed
Humph! Undeniably good. You have a way with descriptive phrases. Shopping bags as puppies... You could have taken this a whole different direction and I would have been perfectly happy. (I love Snape/Tonks.) But your ending is well done and will probably be closer to canon. Sadly.

Author's Response: people do have a love/hate relationaship wiht this story! kind of feel the same way about it myself to be honest; this justcuaght me in one of my more cynical moments. I hate to say it but i really dont think things will end too well for our beloved snape. you're right though, snape/tonks is rather fun innit? thanks for reviewing!

Black Spot 2005.10.17 - 02:08PM 1: Mannerisms Signed
Just read the story for a second time, still enjoyable. Well done.

Author's Response: wow! glad you liked it enough to read it again - have a gold satr and a choccy! thanks for reviewing!

greenwood 2005.09.02 - 04:14PM 1: Mannerisms Anonymous
Oh wow! That was really good. I didn't expect the ending. Well done and sadly a direction that seems possible. Poor Snape, trapped in the end.

Author's Response: nobody expect s the spanish inquistion! oh. no... sorry... i maent... no one expect the aurors to be eveil! that it! sorry about the cock up! hmmm, love and adore snape as i do, i still cant see him coming out on top, poor baby! i think we should all get together, go round to spinneres end, and , ahem, "help him forget his troubles" does tommorow night work as orgy night for anyone else? l'll bring the chocolate fondue! thanks for reveiwing

132possum 2005.09.01 - 06:38AM 1: Mannerisms Signed
Well written! And I fear this is the grisly fate JKR has in store for Snape. Ouch!!

Author's Response: yeah, poor poor snape! l dont think jkr like him much either. wanna come to the orgy and cheer him up? you can bring the marshmallows? thanks for reveiwing

Margy 2005.08.29 - 05:50AM 1: Mannerisms Anonymous
Excellent. VEry well written with a storyline that flowed and just made you want to read more. Enjoyed the 'modern day' theme to the story too. Looking forward to a continuation.

Author's Response: thank you, but i'm afraid there is no more to this story, as the rabbit says - "thats all folks!" thanks for reviewing though!

Silverthreads 2005.08.25 - 09:18PM 1: Mannerisms Anonymous
Ouch. From mundane normalcy to Azkaban. That is both chilling and, at least in this case, sad. But very well written!

Author's Response: l must eb a right miserable bugger, coz i didn't even realise it was distubing, sad yess, czo i'm a snape fan through and through! but glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reviewing!

Trickie Woo 2005.08.24 - 06:47PM 1: Mannerisms Signed
I read this last night and wrote a review, but once again I must have clicked the wrong button, because the review didn't show up.. I loved the story till the twist at the end. I want my Snape alive and free, ready for a romance with an OC that is his type. I suit that description perfectly, my weight is just what he likes according to the story, and my cellulite would drive him wild with desire. I tried spotted dick with custard once while traveling in Britain, it was good, real old fashioned comfort food. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it's name sounded like an STD. My favorite old fashioned British pudding is treacle tartwith custard.

Author's Response: l want snape alive and free, too, but alas l fear that it is not to be. l thought l was being quite optimistic letting him have a bit of the good life once it was all over to be honest. thanks for reveing by the way, Severus sends a message, he says would his little treacle tart like to meet him at the top of the astronomy tower at ten thirty? hang on! the greasy git told me to meet him at eleven, and he told me to bring a freind!

June W 2005.08.24 - 04:27PM 1: Mannerisms Signed
AUGH!!!!!!!! You didn't have any warnings for this story!! How could you!! Snape gets a snog made it sound like a cute happy fic, so I was expecting a happy ending. Groan.... So here I was, laughing at trashy spy novels and he liked them fat and cellulite turned him on - and then BOOM! He wakes up in Azkaban! And as much as I try, I can't get this fic out of my head. PLEASE write another happy fic (or sequel to this) to help me forget this one! Whine..... (reader cries piteously)

Author's Response: poor june! l didn't realise it needed any warning, sorry about that , the whole classification thing gets me all confused and i never know what to put. well, at least you got some laughs out of it, just remember those and put the scary bit in your pensieve. thanks for reviewing though>

Verity Brown 2005.08.24 - 02:39PM 1: Mannerisms Signed
Sihaya's "Promises to Keep" is here: http://occlumency.sycophanthex.com/viewstory.php?sid=3379. It's very short, but it has that same creepy "the good guys won, but is that a good thing?" feel to it.

Author's Response: i'll be off to read that then, thanks

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