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Reviews for Lost Souls Found

Aredhele 2006.02.14 - 08:12PM 1: Chapter 1: Plans and Counter Plans Signed
First let me say BRAVO!. This was by farTHE best Snapefic I have ever..EVER read FULL STOP.I think that you captured Snape "voice" perfectly.You really made Snapes love for Rowena believeable for me, and showed it in a way that I always imaged Snape would express it.Oh,and the whole bonding thing that you came up with was just glorious, I was soooo upset when foolish Snape broke their bond( big sigh).....One bad thing has come from this though....ever since I finished reading your story (about a week ago) I have been sorely disappointed with all other Snapefics!!.I really have nothing bad to say about this fic, your characture portrals, I though, were right on. Question:THERE ARE MORE CHAPTERS COMING RIGHT? I will be watching and waiting for more. (sighs impatient sigh)Hummmm...must have more :)

Author's Response: Yes, there are more chapters coming, I promise. heh. There are a total of 57 chapters in all, plus an epilogue. My apologies for such a long delay in answering reviews and updates. Between holidays and health/real-life issues for myself and my betas, we've had a hard time meshing with our availability. My nine-year-old daughter had a ruptured appendix at the beginning of February and was very sick, only now getting back to 'normal'. Thank-you for your kind review and for your patience as I resume my update frequency.

colmka 2005.10.12 - 10:58PM 1: Chapter 1: Plans and Counter Plans Signed
well this was my first time reading a novel adaptation. I give it a thumbs up.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review. I'm glad you enjoyed it so far. Chapter 23 is in the queue, and chapter 24 is ready to go. You should not have long to wait for updates.

Tia Calenture 2005.09.03 - 05:40AM 1: Chapter 1: Plans and Counter Plans Signed
Dumbledore didn't seem like the one in the books or movies, I had to concentrate to envision the words as his. I found this chapter hard to concentrate on, I hope it was just me and my mood. I was thouroughly engrossed by Lost Souls.

Author's Response: Ah, I'm afraid I would have to agree with you. Of all the characters, Dumbledore's "voice" is the hardest for me to "hear". I envision him as being very kind and loving, yet strong and firm when necessary. He is a powerful, charismatic leader--whom everyone views as a bit mad, which is something I believe him to portray intentionally to keep people guessing. On top of all of that, I think he is more than a little mischievous. This whole melting pot that is Dumbledore is then futher tempered by the very great wisdom of advanced age and experience. The point is I find him very difficult to 'do'. I believe I improve later in the story. In some chapters I've been told he seems very canon, but I will completely agree with you. If there is an awkward character in the story, it is dear Albus. I'm glad you enjoyed Lost Souls, and thank you for your comment.

Lady Whitehart 2005.08.25 - 10:30PM 1: Chapter 1: Plans and Counter Plans Signed
Excellent beginning, you have managed to draw me in. I love the way that you have created a very plausible background for your OC.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far. There is more coming, and the fic is complete, it is just in its final beta stages because I have serious punctuation weaknesses. *sheepish grin* I'm getting better and learning loads, much of which I thought I already knew and am now having to learn to undo and redo properly. In the meantime, I am always thrilled to hear that someone is enjoying the story. I promise that this is not a WIP and will not be left 'hanging'. Updates will occur as regularly as my lovely betas and I can get the chapters polished. Thank you for your comment.

greenwood 2005.08.19 - 05:14PM 1: Chapter 1: Plans and Counter Plans Signed
I believe I have read this story posted elce where and it is REALLY GOOD! I am amazed that it has taken so long to get here - the home of our potion master!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, it has been posted as WIP elsewhere, but is now complete and receiving an intensive final 'polish' before coming here. I assure you that the end result will be even better, as I am fixing some self-contradictions as well as having official 'Brit-Pickers' and the like. I hope you will continue to enjoy it--the main story will remain the same, but hopefully be smoother and more enjoyable for the reader.

GreenEyes 2005.08.19 - 02:56AM 1: Chapter 1: Plans and Counter Plans Signed
Poor Remus...I know he's just as much at blame as Rowena, but I feel bad for him... Great chapter! I've been watching obsessively for this part of the story to come up. Can't wait to read the next chapter!!

Author's Response: *beams* Thank you. It makes my day to see that 'new review at Occlumency' email. Makes me feel very warm and fuzzy. Not much Remus in the next chapter, but we'll see him again in Chapter 3.

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