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Reviews for Promises to Keep

MithLuin 2006.07.15 - 10:32AM 1: Promises to Keep Signed
If the final confrontation happened a month after HBP, this would be what would happen. (From Harry's point of view.) In a sense, this is Harry's sweet dream of revenge. But I sincerely hope several of his bubbles will be popeed before this can become a reality.

KarenDetroit 2005.11.14 - 09:29PM 1: Promises to Keep Signed
I sure hope not. Better Harry dies than becomes a monster like that.

flutterby 2005.10.14 - 01:45PM 1: Promises to Keep Signed
how sad. well written though.

Nyxx 2005.09.20 - 06:31AM 1: Promises to Keep Signed
This is highly disturbing and very well written. I mull over this very thing... was it intentional on both parties (DD and SS) or was it outright murder? Your take on it disturbs me because I've imagined Harry exacting revenge on Snape before he finds out the truth. That, and this, scares me! Well written

Verity Brown 2005.08.16 - 02:07AM 1: Promises to Keep Signed
This certainly seems to be the direction that Harry is headed in right now. What a troubling little ficlet. Well done.

greenwood 2005.08.15 - 01:40PM 1: Promises to Keep Anonymous
Wow.....very sad...Harry really turned there didn't he. I could almost see that happening...it would just be Snapes luck anyway to have things explained to Potter too late on on deaf ears.

Aragon 2005.08.15 - 01:07PM 1: Promises to Keep Signed
Yes, that sadly could be a plausible adult Harry Potter... well, at least he will have enough self-rightousness to not be troubled by his conscience. After all there can only be one way to view the world and why should judge, jury, executioner rolled in one be an ethically dangerous idea? It's not like Potter has ever made mistakes before or didn't grasp the situations correctly... I wonder what Dumbledore would have thought about his "golden boy" now - probably put him in the watch-category for future Dark Lords... Tom Riddle is probably laughing from the other side about the "good hero".

whitehound 2005.08.15 - 05:18AM 1: Promises to Keep Signed
Uuurgh - that's horrible - and horribly likely :( (well-written though)

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