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Reviews for No Good Deed

grumpirah 2009.04.25 - 01:56AM 13: Interlude Six Signed
so.....Is this story ever going be udpated?

nomoremermaids 2008.09.08 - 06:44PM 13: Interlude Six Signed
Hello, LariLee. I've very much enjoyed this story so far. It's complex and interesting, and I especially like your characterization of Severus, and that of poor Maggie, for whom everything has gone wrong. I hope that you are doing well (a previously-posted response mentioned the difficulties of your day-to-day life), regardless of whether or not you complete the story. Certainly your real life is more important than your well-crafted fiction, and I hope that you and yours are well. Thank you for "No Good Deed." I'll make a note to myself to check out your other works.

KarenDetroit 2008.06.24 - 12:37AM 13: Interlude Six Signed
I'm feeding the bunny here---is there a bunny here? Time for the annual update, Larilee!

Shayla 2008.05.21 - 11:17AM 13: Interlude Six Signed
I know it's been a while since you've written on this; just picked up the previous chapters and wonder if there's going to be more? Big nasty train wrecks frighten me, but I can't help slowing down to stare as I pass by...

amenaneri 2007.07.06 - 06:26PM 13: Interlude Six Signed
Well, thank you for your compelling characters and interesting premise. I certainly won't harass you for more, or have the bad manners to berate you for having a lot to deal with in your life. You could just take it as a tribute to how great your writing is--if no one cared about what you've created, they wouldn't bother you for more! So, thank you for all of the great stories you've written, and may the plot bunnies and muses keep you full of lots more.

MimiManderly 2007.06.03 - 09:46PM 13: Interlude Six Signed
I love the story, but it appears that you have abandoned it. And I agree with the previous reviewer: you DO seem to have a tendency to do that! Maybe a few less irons in the fire, hmm? Since you don't care enough to continue writing it, I shall refrain from leaving a more in-depth review. Good day.

Author's Response: Actually, it has little to do with caring about a story. Each story is like my child--horribly neglected at this point, but still my child. :-)

I keep my LJ address in my author's profile (larilee at live journal) and try to answer e-mails. I hope you'll understand the extreme tardiness in update. Firstly, my mother was injured January 2006. She was 81 at the time and any injury at her age is difficult to heal. That left me the sole caregiver of my brother, a quad since 1998. In addition, my own health has been up and down, mostly down. I've been writing when I find the time (and being disabled, yet the sole care-giver of two other adults doesn't leave me with much). I'm putting the finishing touches on the chapter and e-mailing my beta team to see if they would still be available and interested. Not only for this story, but for "A Right Bastard" as well.

I'm sorry for the delays, but unfortunately, Real Life and Real People have to take precedence over my Cyber Life and Characters Who Live in My Head. I'm sure you understand.

I haven't been answering reviews lately due to the hectic pace of my private life, but I really needed to let you know this hasn't been abandoned, and yes, I still care very deeply for this story and the others living in my imagination.

Good evening.

NoxSomnium 2007.05.23 - 11:52AM 13: Interlude Six Signed
So, since you've promised a train wreck you decided instead of breaking your promise you're not going to give us anything at all? Ne'er do well! Cretin! Puck-foist! I'll tell, just see if I don't. It is simply a horrendous crime to write anything that fascinating and marvelous then leave us hanging right before the climax, especially when you already told us the climax was there. You do this a lot. You write and we love it then you just stop dead in your tracks, or so it seems to me. You could prove me wrong you know, not that I'm hinting or anything. Please?

NoxSomnium 2007.05.23 - 12:15AM 11: Interlude Five Signed
EEP! You do like your cliff hangers don't you? I really hope you're not a closet cliff hanger (Well, I thought it was clever.) fan. This would be a shocking time to reveal that. If you do something really really awful to that diamond fellow, like castration, I would be all for it. Just so you know, you have my full support.

NoxSomnium 2007.05.23 - 12:00AM 10: Chapter Five Signed
So Close! I love it! so close and yet so far without being noxious. None of that overdone he misses her by half a second followed by a long drawn out misunderstanding over some minuscule idiosyncrasy leading to another and to another. But there is some thus leaving you with a story. In Short: There is just enough misunderstanding and lost chances to be really good but not so much that I am left ripping out my hair because they just. won't. talk. for. two. minutes. Grrr. None of that. And even better, the entire plot does not consist of such long absurd running around in circles for no apparent reason. There's a real plot, with a real need, like real people do, only with a little magic. So I'm wondering, did Eileen Prince have to prostitute herself in some way after the elder Snape's death in this story? I thought I was getting that vibe but I've been known to think many very odd and random things. For instance, I thought that I should tell to keep writing this story or I would threaten you with rabid evil bunny creatures. But I thought I would give you some time before sending threats quite that heavy. I'm going to start off with little things like burning your favorite twig, to depriving you of chocolate, or even tie you to a spoon stuck into chocolate pudding (which you couldn't eat of course) with the sound of Barney the Dinosaur ringing in your ears for days. But hopefully at that point you will be inspired and not leave me hanging in this bereft, deplorable state, stricken by the loss of such brilliance. But you won't do that. You won't force me to be reduced to using the evil bunny creatures I'm sure. But of course I was only thinking these things. I'm not going to tell YOU until the end of the story. So don't worry about it.

Lady Whitehart 2007.04.16 - 04:16PM 13: Interlude Six Signed
Here bunny, bunny, bunny!Please come back so Lisa can write more. May RL soon cooperate. :)

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