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Reviews for Fallacy

KarenDetroit 2005.11.14 - 09:19PM 1: Fallacy Signed
Well, it's possible, but unlikely. I think Severus himself did take the vow out of a combination of being a manic, arrogant Slytherin Death Eater pretender and as the bearer of a lifelong crush on Narcissa Black Malfoy (and Sirius may have taken offense at Snape drooling over his cousin, hence the schooldays' emnity). He just got outplayed by Narcissa, who has a lot of what she's named for, and absolutely no tender feelings towards our hapless Potions Master. And as Severus was stuck, Dumbledore decided to do a triple bank shot and save Draco, Severus, and maybe in some twisted way, Harry, by ordering Severus to put him out of his Horcrux-inflicted misery, thereby clearing out of the way a lot of plot devices and red herrings while introducing an equal number of new ones. I do not see how she's going to wrap it all up in one volume, unless it is "the size of a baby hippopotamus" as she once put it. Well, by the time we are in elections, perhaps we will know.

puella 2005.08.21 - 11:49AM 1: Fallacy Signed
Interesting idea that Dumbledore used polyjuice potion and made the Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa. Although I think Dumbledore's blackened hand came from Slytherin's ring that was a horcrux. As for Flitwick, he could have fainted, or Snape may have stunned him in order to keep him out of harm's way, which also kept Hermione and Luna safe in his office looking after the Charms Professor.

whitehound 2005.08.14 - 04:00PM 1: Fallacy Signed
That's so devious it could even be true.

I'm 99% sure Snape never stunned Flitwick. We're told Flitwick had a bruise on his forehead - I think he just ran in and tripped over the mat.

greenwood 2005.08.13 - 04:40PM 1: Fallacy Anonymous
Good story line (not one I can really buy into I am afraid but....) and does excuse Snape from the dirty deed in a differnt way than most stories. I like to read different thoughts and theories so I am greatful that you put yours into such a good story!

Huldra 2005.08.13 - 11:06AM 1: Fallacy Signed
Until book 7 arrives I will hold this as the truth. And hold you responsible for it. ;-)

tulipsaside22 2005.08.12 - 11:24PM 1: Fallacy Signed
your soooo right about flitwick... god i cant wait till the last book

Trickie Woo 2005.08.12 - 09:04PM 1: Fallacy Signed
I like the story and your theories of what really happened and why. They are logical and make sense to me. I enjoyed Snape wondering why Bella didn't immediately hex Snape/Dumbledore and how S/D did enjoy throwing a hex at Pettigrew. I hope it's not a one shot and we learn the rest of your theories for Book 7 I do have a bit of constructive criticism for you though, it's all technical and has nothing to do with your plot or your writing style. There are at least 3 cases where the wrong word is used, sort of like site for sight. Where it says... a antidote, shouldn't it be an antidote, and further down it says... was all the belied the fact, shouldn't it be... was all that belied the fact? Then there is ... the school year past, shouldn't it be... the school year passed?

phoenix 2005.08.12 - 07:20PM 1: Fallacy Signed
That's a very cool theory. I had always assumed the injury to his arm had come from destroying the ring horcrux, but this is just as plausible an explanation. It fits with Dumbledore feeling that others are more important than he is. :) Thanks for putting out yet another theory on how Snape is still good.

celisnebula 2005.08.12 - 06:16PM 1: Fallacy Signed
Wow interesting....
Will there be more?

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