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Reviews for Connected

mkwiant 2012.10.11 - 10:40PM 20: Connected Signed
What a beautiful story. Thank you for all of your hard work. It is perfect!

mkwiant 2012.10.10 - 06:24PM 1: The Door Between Dimensions Signed
I just want to say that I'm about to read your fic and I find it refreshing that Sev lives and gets the girl. I don't care what other readers say. This is what has drawn me to your fic - so YAY! Also, I'm not overly religious, but I don't mind preachy. So, if anyone has complained I'm sorry, but I'm looking forward to reading it and I'll review as I go along. Thanks for keeping it up and thanks for writing!

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 12:05PM 8: Black is the Color of my Heart's Desire Signed
Although Severus is a git, I pity him to see that he has been tricked. A good chapter - I cannot see him calling her "cow", however. That's ooc for me.

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 11:47AM 7: The Spy Who Loved me but Suppressed the Urge Signed
I really like the interaction between Severus and Meri and the way she reacts to his attempts to intimidate her. Very funny at scenes like her remarks about his first year speech. LOL - and I quite like your style.

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 11:28AM 6: Paradigm Shift Signed
Does she have mermaid relatives? I wonder.

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 11:20AM 5: Keep Friends Close, and Suspicious Sexy Slytherins Closer Signed
I would have thought her Gryffindor, but you must have had a reason to put her in Slytherin. Anyway, a good chapter.

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 10:52AM 4: ...Jiggety-Jog Signed
I like the way you describe the atmosphere; you are creating an image in my mind. The part with Meri choosing her wand was very good.

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 09:55AM 2: Memories and Explanations Signed
Another really good idea with Severus's portrait....reading on....

Marianne 2009.07.04 - 09:47AM 1: The Door Between Dimensions Signed
An interesting premise and a really good idea...reading on...

Where 2009.06.21 - 05:35PM 20: Connected Signed
A wonderful story. :) Snape stayed delightfully in character despite the fluffiness - that's rare. Keep up the good work. Oh and by the way - were you aware that 'meri' means 'sea' in Finnish, or was that just a coinsidence? :)

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