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Reviews for Grasping At Shadows

lilymcgonagall 2006.06.29 - 07:43PM 1: none Anonymous
i liked the story it kept my interrest

journeymom 2005.10.05 - 12:49PM 1: none Signed
Nicely done. Bittersweet. And, yes, it seems like it fits right in with the book. I got a tear in my eye!

Verity Brown 2005.08.08 - 08:01PM 1: none Signed
Is this meant to be in the same storyline as "Truth Beyond Memory"? If so, it is an unhappy sort of ending for it. But then, HBP made many of us very unhappy. Still, I like the idea of him coming back to her one last time. *sniffs*

Author's Response: I was aiming a bit more at canon. This wouldn't be connected to TBM which is very firmly AU.

marie 2005.08.08 - 03:57AM 1: none Anonymous
Whoa,this was sad and yet intrieging. Go Minerva for pushing him away! Pretty good for the short length. Excellent explination of words and emotions.

June W 2005.08.07 - 01:08AM 1: none Anonymous
No, this can't be the same Severus and Minerva from 'Truth Beyond Memory'! That Minerva would remember that Severus believed in her innocence of the murder charge, and was always there for her, despite his spy duties. This Minerva was too willing to believe hothead Harry Potter and his edited story. Ack! I think I need to go reread 'Truth Beyond Memory' to feel better... either that, or wait for you to write a second chapter to this one-shot???

Author's Response: This was not intended to connect to TBM.

phoenix 2005.08.06 - 07:26PM 1: none Signed
Very nice. And this fits in nicely with Truth Beyond Memory. It's a shame he couldn't say more, but we know why. Ahhh! This just makes me want the next book more.

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