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Reviews for Dies Diem Docet

grugster 2008.11.03 - 03:35PM 1: Dies Diem Docet Signed
I reallly like this story. Thanks for writing it.

Orangeblossom 2005.08.07 - 08:56PM 1: Dies Diem Docet Signed
I would like to congratulate you on another on another well written story. Although I interpret their relationship more father/son-like, your description is believable and you have kept them very much in character. Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like the story! :) Keeping Dumbledore and Severus--my two favourites--in character is most important to me (even though I happen to agree with you on the father-son bit when it comes down to it), so I'm pleased you said that!

whitehound 2005.08.05 - 05:11AM 1: Dies Diem Docet Signed
This needs to be longer. I've no problem with the idea of them as lovers - personally I think Dumbledore is Snape's father-substitute, not his lover, but being lovers is certainly one possible explanation for why Dumbledore trusts Snape so completely. But I don't believe that many people over the age of seventeen would want to have sex when they were both feeling so tired, frazzled, depressed and guilt-ridden. They'd be far more likely to want to curl up and go to sleep together, in a companionable way, and then end up having sex hours or even days later.

marina 2005.08.03 - 05:46PM 1: Dies Diem Docet Signed
You know, I have a habit of checking out anything that appears with your name beside it, but if I see another Albus/Severus pairing on my screen, I'll have to poke my eyes out. ;-) Can you please put some warning ahead of that pairing? I'd like to read something like A portrait of the Potions Master as a young man. I really mean no offense! Marina

Author's Response: Wow... I'd like to say that didn't hurt my feelings, but it kinda did. Luckily, I have enough Slytherin in me to get over it. :P I actually *do* put some type of warning in the summaries of *all* my slash stories, so if you want to play it safe, double check before reading. Someday I'll go back to het- or genfic--I promise! :)

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