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Reviews for Dark Coil

fallenwitch 2005.07.01 - 01:16AM 1: I Remember, I Remember Signed
This is my first foray into this particular fanfic world, and I must say it is dark and disturbing and unnerving. Your prologue was absolutely creepy, creepy! You did a great job with the scene b/n Olivia and Severus as she enters Hogsmeade. I am off to the next chapter.

darkavatar 2004.05.23 - 05:20AM 1: I Remember, I Remember Anonymous
I'm usually... well, almost always a SS/HG shipper, but I must admit I really like your OC. You fleshed her out so well and Severus was just so snarky and so himself, it was great. I read all 42 chapters in one go (chapters 41 and 42 are out of order btw) and the writing was great, very mesmerizing. Can't wait for the next update. Cheers, amy Sabian1110@yahoo.com

ZeeDrippyVessel 2004.02.22 - 05:15PM 1: I Remember, I Remember Signed
You know, I stumbled on your yahoo group by accident. Completely and totally. And after going thru the posts - I thought to myself, what a neat group. But you guys are totally nuts and I feel so comfortable. Likewise - Dark Coil was perhaps the FIRST SS/OFC fic that I had read and REALLY liked. Olivia is just as realistic as they come and Snape is snarky as sin. But I like sin, so... so there! Am so glad this is here. Now, where is the rest, Madam?

Estrilda 2004.01.27 - 06:56AM 1: I Remember, I Remember Anonymous
I'm so, so glad that you are posting this here. I have been reading it in the Hogwarts' Boudoir and boy is that a pain with having to be signed in and re-signing in when yahoo decides you're not signed in and then the chapters being in random order in those hard to navigate file folders. So anyway - yeah - it's here in order and accessible.

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