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Reviews for Lost in Time

SeaIsleWitch 2005.08.01 - 10:34PM 1: Prologue: The Effect of Losing Time Signed
Robyn, I loved it! Well done! I'm excited to read the next chapter. Did you get the "Galcialis" from POA PS2?

Author's Response: Thank you! I've never played the PoA PS2 game - its just a bit of Latin a friend said would work here. I do enjoy writing this one, I've got the next two chpaters written already, its just a beta process now...Thank you so much!

greenwood 2005.07.27 - 10:45AM 1: Prologue: The Effect of Losing Time Anonymous
Really good beginning - very original from what I can tell. I like the plot set up. My only thought would be that you wrapped it up a bit to short. I think Severus' response was a bit quick (His daughter must not have had this happen before or she would have known herself) He didn't seem worried at all about what was happening. Otherwise the plot start is very good.

Author's Response: I've been a bit blunt with things in the prologue, however, I'll just say that this isnt the first time Sorcha has gotten lost in time, which is why Severus is so indifferent. But that hasn't happened to cassi before. I'm really glad you like it! Cheers!

elysianmusings 2005.07.22 - 11:32PM 1: Prologue: The Effect of Losing Time Signed
I am enjoying this very much. I have to admit I'm amused at Dumbledore's, "then retrieve her you must." He sounded like Yoda.

Author's Response: I think I must have been channeling Yoda at that point in time... but maybe you've noticed it too, how theres always one Merlin type figure in stories - in Star Warsit is definately Yoda, and Dumbledore does the act well in HP! Thank you for your review - you've made my day!

redvelvetcanopy 2005.07.22 - 12:34PM 1: Prologue: The Effect of Losing Time Signed
I admit to liking Cassie very much, because I am even more a clutz about things that she is! I am so interested to see what Sorcha has done to change this present time so that her daughter is fading!

Author's Response: Cassi - now theres trouble in humaniod form. I hope she doesn't completely fade or it could be the end for our tempermental lovers - cheers!

Little Loony 2005.07.18 - 09:38AM 1: Prologue: The Effect of Losing Time Anonymous
10/10 keep up th e good work. i look forward to snapes retrival of sorcha . update soon

Author's Response: Oh thank you! Then next chapter has been submitted!

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