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Reviews for The Great Snape-Deveroux Grudge Match - Part III: Farewell

cardigrl 2005.07.14 - 04:25PM 10: 48a. Flowers for Deveroux Anonymous
Boy, you continue to make Harry et al more and more despicable. The highlight of their scumminess: "Oh, great, Harry thought as he stared at the door. They are planning to do something to Slytherin during the match, and they think I will enjoy whatever it is. Maybe I should tell McGonagall… But she’d punish them…and they’d know for sure it was my doing…and do I really want Neville and Kenrick to stop speaking to me, too?" So at this point, the only two in this story worth anything at all are Ron (because at least he's got the guts to admit his prejudices) and Snape. It beats me how in the world you think Harry's feeling a little guilty (but obviously not guilty enough to stop his smarminess), and Deveroux's whining around about the fact that she broke an oath beats Snape's being tortured almost to death with no help in sight. Sorry, but I just don't get it. And I realize Harry is a teenager, but really---the level of self-absorption you have all your characters indulging is getting to be a bit much. Do you have any hope in sight for these scumbags?

greenwood 2005.07.12 - 03:16PM 10: 48a. Flowers for Deveroux Anonymous
So glad you are back at this story! I have really missed the updates. Things are really heating up inside Hogwarts....Very interesting about Crabb...could he be the one that "saves the day" by giving some warning?? Hummmm

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