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Reviews for What He Doesn’t Know

Fervesco 2005.07.08 - 05:18AM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
Hmmm .... I do believe (even in my dopey, Coldrex induced state) that I quite enjoyed this :) Well, perhaps emjoyed isn't the right word - I appreciated it. I am well impressed that Clodia did not turn out to be the Mary Sue she was hinting at being in the beginning (nicely done, you sucked me in!). I also like the idea that just for once Snape was not turned into his usual perfect fanon self - I personally think it is quite plausible that he would ignore the fact that his wife was cheating in order to preserve his relationship with her - he is, after all, not well liked in the wizarding community, and we have already witnessed in the books the lengths he is willing to go to for Dumbledore's trust and friendship, even if it is based on self-preservation. I would love to know, however, why she remains with him. Of course, there could be many reasons, some of which have already been suggested by other reviewers, but it would be wonderful if you could tell me what your reasoning behind it is.

Author's Response: Why he stays?

Ultimately, I think I refer you back to why he married in the first place-- it was an acceptable thing to do. There was no romantic courtship or anything like that. He married because he felt social pressures from various quadrants and took the first woman who would have him, essentially. He never expected to be in love.

As a side note, three times in my life I've known a man who was a 'suspect' because of a combination of his age, how bad he looks and the fact that he's single. Society doesn't leave much room for unattractive single men after a certain age, and an unattractive, single man who teaches at a boarding school? I know what people around here would say. There would be the assumption that he is desperate and concern for the safety of the students. And, while Snape doesn't strike me as the sort who would particularly care what other people say about him in that respect, I do think he'd do whatever it took to keep the scrutiny away from him. Spies don't do well under scrutiny.

So, in short, I think he stays with her because it's a mutually beneficial arrangement (she does get the material comfort, and she gained entrance to certain circles by making an acceptable marriage) and it was never meant to be a loving marriage to begin with.

Thanks for your comments.


Jibril 2005.07.06 - 04:29AM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
Aside from Severus putting aside details like scent, when he must have impeccable olfactory senses, there is one small hole. In fact, it's insignificant. However, if Clodia is pureblood, she's more likely to say "Oh, Merlin!" as other wizards do- not "Oh, God!"

Author's Response: Thanks for your comments. I disagree with the Merlin/God distinction. In canon, the wizards certainly say 'God' and 'Lord' and other religious/sacrilegious phrases.

marina 2005.07.05 - 12:12PM 1: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
That's it? I can't help but hate her and that's good because a good story brings forth emotions. Please, get him another partner in a sequel.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comments. I don't plan a sequel to this one, but I have written a few others with happier endings.

Scattered Logic 2005.07.04 - 08:46PM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
This was very well written and while it was a somwhat uncomfortable fic, it was a very good one. I found it intriguing that Clodia obviously didn't bathe between her husband and her lover, a somewhat passive-aggressive way of insulting and/or taunting both of them. It did make me wonder exactly what she was hoping to accomplish.

The last line of the story was perfect. I think that many times, that's exactly how things work. The other spouse chooses to ignore what they don't wish to see. Very nicely done!

Author's Response: What she was hoping to accopmlish...

An interesting question. I had to think carefully about Clodia in many ways because I was working with a limited PoV. Passive -aggressive, yes. In a way, perhaps trying to make Severus realize what was going on. She isn't the satisfied wife he thinks she is, but he can't see that. I worked with the idea that if she were truly happy, she wouldn't be cheating on him. And, at the same time, not many of my readers seemed to pick up on the fact that as far as being a husband goes, he doesn't earn himself any rewards, either. This is one of two stories where I've played with the idea of him being married, and one of the issues I keep running into is that he has a lot of responsibilities at the school and would ultimately have to make some choices. I see him choosing his work responsibilities at the expense of others. He is also quite oblivious to what his wife really wants-- he thinks it's all about the money, but in the scene with Marcellus, it's the romance that tempts her. Clodia wants more than a socially convenient marriage.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it.


susandara 2005.07.04 - 07:30AM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
WOW! What a great story. You have created a great character in the fic, please don't let this story go unfinished. I can't wait to see where you take us on this rather painfull ride through Severus's life.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately (?) that is exactly where it ends-- with nothing changing really. I do love my angst, and I seldom redeem it ;)

scarletundertaker 2005.07.04 - 02:49AM 1: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
Simply excellent--a story that drew me in right away. I only wish that you had made it longer...it has a great potential to be a long story!

Author's Response: Thank you. I agree that this would have been better as a longer story, but it's unlikely to ever happen.

phoenix 2005.07.03 - 11:34PM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
I love the twist in this story. You built it up wonderfully from his POV as to how she seeemd to complete his life and everything was great, but then show us the shocker from her POV, that she really does want more. Nice job working the other little scenes in that give clues to all not being well and I love the last part with Pomona and Minerva. Nice touch.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I tossed around several ideas for how to put this one together, but finally settled on that style.

Thanks for your comments!

Trickie Woo 2005.07.03 - 05:03PM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
It seems you must read Helen Fielding, you used fuckwit,one of the words she added to the English language. Now I'm going to use another form of the word. Clodia is full of fuckwittage, she's a female Daniel Cleaver and Rebecca combined. She claims to love Snape, but uses Marcellus to cuckold him. She's using both of them to get what she wants, but I have no idea of what she wants. Snape may not be Mark Darcy, but her treats her like Darcy treats Bridget. I hope he does concoct a slow, untraceable poison for her and maybe something that will chemically castrate Marcellus.

Author's Response: lol!

Very creative suggestions. I leave it to your imagination whether he does that or not ;)

Thanks for the comments.


Gina Potter 2005.07.03 - 05:03PM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
I was thinking about the story and I was under the impression that maybe she had an affair with that... man, just to have Snape's attention. In chapter one she seemed disappointed that he didn't find about about her affair. Well, but I don't care about her; she is a bitch and in my little fantasy, Snape stoped playing the dumb and casted a Crucio on her, then killed Marcellus with his bare hands. I'm sorry but I can't cope with this image of him: playing the blind and happy to live with a fantasy.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comments.


Gina Potter 2005.07.03 - 04:54PM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
NO!!! This is so frustrating! Snape would never play the fool like that! Sorry, I know this is your story, but as I said it is frustrating! I would love to see her getting what she deserved. Some Dark wizard Snape is...

Author's Response: I'm sorry you didn't like it.


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