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Reviews for What He Doesn’t Know

totalreadr 2013.11.19 - 11:18PM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
Always wanted to come back and answer your question, never did, now you'll probably never see this but oh well: "One thing that most of my reviewers seem to have missed (maybe I didn't make it clear?) is that this was never a marriage of love." It's not that you didn't make it clear, it's that *they're. having. sex.* If they're having sex, then -- most people would think -- even though it didn't start as a marriage of love, they're trying to make it work. Them having sex is what puts them at greatly increased risk of falling in love, implies they're *trying* to fall in love or at least be content with each other, and means they shouldn't cheat. If OTOH they agreed it would never be love, ever and they wouldn't even try for contentment, then they also would've/should've agreed it was OK to cheat and also that they *wouldn't have sex with each other*. IOW, it doesn't matter if it didn't start as a marriage of love: if you agree to have sex and not cheat and you'll both try to be happy in that situation, then the possibility of at least one of you "catching feelings" (as the kids say) is assumed. And respecting that is an assumed part of such an agreement. That's what most people would think. Thus the confusion. Anyway, I still remember this story fondly. You sure got Snape's character right -- after all, in the DH flashback, we learn he was in denial about Lily's increasing feelings for James and decreasing affection for him until she rubbed his nose in it with that stifled smile.

AlasYorik 2012.05.21 - 12:04AM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
I don't see Clodia as the 'bad guy', necessarily. I mean, she just wants happiness, too. I think that Severus would stay with her because she does offer him some slight avenue of happiness, which I doubt he ever really had.

Jong_Kahn 2011.10.27 - 02:31AM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
Well, that was a sad little story. I hadn't liked Clodia particularly--and that was before we knew she was a cheater. Not to worry. Having been a spy, at one point or another, Snape will figure it out--and kill her paramour, or at least make his life EXTREMELY unpleasant. Hers, too.

Jong_Kahn 2011.10.27 - 02:25AM 1: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
Uh-oh! Clodia is not a good wife! Not too hard to guess where this will be going. Poor Severus--he doesn't deservie this.

The Gallant Gryffindor 2009.10.17 - 11:29PM 1: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
Who’d want to marry Snape? I would!

aussieangst 2009.04.12 - 07:38AM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
Oh, oh, oh! That was heartwrenching. I like to belive that Snape doesn't know about her lover (but then I'm all for more angst). Did you write it like this, or do you think that he knows but clings to hope anyway? I would love there to be more! Fantastic; very well done.

ilovesnape 2009.03.18 - 12:16PM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
i love this but i feel so horrible for professor snape!!!!!!!!1 he's my absolute favorite teacher ever!! isn't there any way he can be happy too?

sarahetc 2009.02.06 - 07:35AM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
How very heartbreaking. Well written and nuanced, and so so sad. Thanks.

tangerine dream 2008.11.03 - 02:34AM 2: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
What a wonderfully sad story. Beautifully written.

tangerine dream 2008.11.03 - 02:23AM 1: What He Doesn’t Know Signed
What an incredible story! Poor Severus! He doesn't deserve that.

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